A court in Moscow ordered a victim of domestic violence to pay her ex-husband 10 thousand rubles for what she told about the beatings on Facebook

On August 27, the Nikulinsky District Court of Moscow partially satisfied the claim of the former deputy head of the investment company Alfa Capital, Yevgeny Zhivov, which he filed against his ex-wife Irina Zhivova, who accused him of domestic violence.

The court ordered Irina Zhivova to pay her ex-husband 10 thousand rubles, Zhivova herself said in a story on Facebook. “By the decision of the judge, the ‘honor and dignity’ of Zhenya was infringed upon me and cost 10,300 rubles 🤷‍♀️,” she wrote.

Lawyer Viktoria Dergunova said in a  video posted on the  page of human rights activist Alena Popova that Irina Zhivova was ordered to pay money because of the phrase “beat him” – she used it in her story about domestic violence published on Facebook.

“The court issued a precedent decision for Russia, for all victims of domestic violence in Russia, saying that you have no right to say that you were beaten until you receive an appropriate judicial act about it,” said Victoria Dergunova.

The court’s website says that Yevgeny Zhivov’s claim against his ex-wife has been partially satisfied, but the judge’s decision has not yet been published.

Irina Zhivova said on October 20, 2019 in a post on Facebook that her ex-husband “burst into” the house where she lived with her two daughters, “frightened everyone, kicked everyone out”. She posted a screenshot of two reports of beatings drawn up against her ex-husband. The documents say that Zhivov “pushed, shook, grabbed the hands” of his ex-wife and their common daughter, which caused the victims to receive bruises, abrasions and bruises. The protocol says that Yevgeny Zhivov denies guilt. He  told “Baza” that he had come to visit the children, whom his wife allegedly hid from him for four months.

Five days after the statement of his ex-wife, Evgeny Zhivov left Alfa-Capital, where he worked since 2010. “Alfa-Capital shares family values ​​and considers violence unacceptable in any of its manifestations,” the company said, without specifying whether Zhivov himself left or was fired.

In September 2019, the Nikulinsky Court of Moscow determined that the couple’s two daughters should live with their father. On August 26, according to Irina Zhivova, the Moscow City Court “canceled the obscurantist decision” and ruled that the children should live with their mother. The website of the Moscow City Court says that the judge decided to partially cancel the decision of the Nikulinsky court and accept a new one.

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