Putin called the detention of Russians in Belarus an operation of the Ukrainian and American special services

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the detention of a group of Russians in Belarus a joint operation of the Ukrainian and American special services. He stated this in an interview with the Russia 24 channel.

“It’s obvious now. This is a special services action. People were secretly used to move them to the territory of Belarus … They were just dragged into the territory of Belarus and presented as a possible striking force to sway the situation during the election campaign. Which was absolutely not true. People went to work in a third country. They were simply lured there, dragged across the border. Our border guards didn’t let them out, by the way. They couldn’t enter. But they were actually imported using forged documents. This is an operation of the Ukrainian special services together with the American ones. Now this is reliably known. Some participants in this process or observers, well-informed people, they do not even hide this, ”said Vladimir Putin in an interview with journalist Sergei Brilev.

The fact that the operation to detain the Russians in Belarus (whom the authorities of the country called the fighters of the PMC “Wagner”) was organized by the Ukrainian special services was first reported on August 6 by “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Later, the sources of the publications “Ukrainskaya Pravda” and “Censor.net” confirmed that the special operation had been prepared for more than a year, but failed due to a leak in the circle of the President of Ukraine. The Security Service of Ukraine and the office of Volodymyr Zelensky called these messages disinformation.

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