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OpEd : Aug 26, 2020

George V Pinchuk: This is what Zelensky is all about. The democratically elected 6th President of Ukraine is a king of trash, a Clown-in-Chief, the president of megatons of kitsch Ukraine is sinking in. On August 24, the Ukraine’s Independence Day, as thousands of Ukrainian veterans and patriots of all walks of life were marching down Kyiv streets, the president’s pals ran a weird show on St. Sophia Square. The show included dances of aging divas in scanty panties, singing a song about the “girl from Kyiv, not a nun and not a whore and not a Gypsy, whose flip-flops make me happy with their slap-slap-slap,” and carrying a Ukrainian national flag back and forth by a young gigolo dressed in a combination of Ukrainian embroidery and Playboy bunny costume.

Specialists say that all countries of the world seem to have trash-consumers as part of their population, and the size of this part is approximately the same, not depending on how well the democracy in a particular country is developed. But the social role of the trash-consumers might differ substantially. In Ukraine, they are now the ruling class. The president is theirs, and so is the Cabinet and the parliament. What runs things today is less-than-mediocre education, horrific narrow-mindedness, absence of any class, taste, or culture, and blind aggression, mostly in the form of getting even with those who ran things yesterday.

It is very sad that a number of Western intellectuals evaluate Ukraine based on the official news briefings from the government Web sites. They do not reflect the situation at all. They want to show Zelensky as a good man who cares about his country – look, there is ceasefire in the Donbas, there has been no shelling from the Russian side for 30 days! Naive. There has been no shelling (although Ukrainians were still killed by the Russian sniper rifle fire), but Zelensky had spent several weeks of vacations on an island 15 miles away from the Russian troops positions. Who knows, with whom he talked there, and what deals did he make to get this ceasefire, bringing him his “peacemaker” Brownie points? Also, look at Belarus. No doubt, Russia has a lot to worry about there, so Ukraine might simply be moved to the back burner. Temporarily. For now.

I don’t know. I have no hope for Zelensky. My hope is that at least a small portion of the trash-consuming population of Ukrainians become somehow enlightened, repent, and bring their Sir Winston Poroshenko back to the position he deserves and the position Ukraine needs. It is a very faint hope, of course.


  1. The final para is apt. Ukraine has its own Churchill, but they have opted not to use his services at a time when he is desperately needed. Poro did very well, considering that Churchill had an Air Force, a navy and 900,000 fighting men at his disposal, which grew to 3,000,000. Churchill also had great generals : Montgomery, Auchinleck and Wavell, who suffered some early defeats, but once they got into their stride never lost a battle again during the 3 years that they fought before the Americans joined in.
    We had 3 years alone; Ukraine has already had 6. We had to deal with FDR, who was and remained to his death a Stalin fan who would not help us until Stalin was forced to change sides and the Nips attacked at Pearl Harbour.
    Ukraine has Poro: they need to use him and they need to find their own Monty and Auchinleck, who I’m sure are there somewhere.

    • The first pic is great. In the second one, that degenerate with the gay hat used to appear all the time on putler domestic TV, which runs endless ‘variety’ shows featuring putler-friendly ‘artists’ such as Ala Pugacheva and that mafia guy whose name I forgot who is under Crimea sanctions. The songs are dreadful euro-pop and everything is mimed. The most sinister thing about these shows are the audiences: clearly hand-picked, very clean, good teeth, well-groomed, well dressed, constantly clapping along to the shit music and with a fixed beam of fake happiness on their faces. Everything that Russians are not.
      I kid you not; these shows are sheer horror. Sometimes their little fuhrer can be seen in the audience with a creepy smirk on his face.

      • The songs these creeps mimed to, were used without permission from the original artists. Seems copyright law doesn’t apply to Ze and his team.

  2. I’m all in for Yulia. Sadly she’s on a ventilator now…

    Zelensky is a total mess for Ukraine. I hope the voters will slap him the bill in his face this fall!

    • That must be terrifying for her loved ones. A ventilator seems a drastic resort. As I understand it, no one can bear it in a conscious state, so they have to be put into a coma. I don’t know what the survival rate is once someone is ventilated, but it’s not good.
      I would have thought that with the type of resources and contacts her family has available, that they could fly in some convalescent plasma, which is getting good results in America. They harvest antibodies from survivors and inject it into the sufferers.
      I saw in Bloomberg that she was in I.C. but did not know she was ventilated.
      Terrible as your experience was Mike, you can thank God you weren’t ventilated.

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