A minibus of the Ukrainian organization “Patriots for Life” was fired upon near Kharkov. Rada deputies announced the dead, the police – only about the wounded

Update. The Kharkiv police said that as a result of shooting from a traumatic weapon, two people were injured. Another person received a head injury. The police noted that there were no hostages, no one was killed. The attackers were detained .

A minibus with members of the Ukrainian public organization “Patriots for Life” was fired upon near Kharkov, Vadim Rabinovich, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the party “Opposition Platform – For Life” , said on Facebook.

According to Rabinovich, two people were killed and another was wounded. The attackers also kidnapped one member of a public organization, he claims.

Another deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Opposition Platform – For Life party, Ilya Kiva, said that the attack took place on the Kiev-Kharkov highway. He said that the bus was fired upon by members of the Azov regiment and the National Corps party. “There are victims. Several people have been kidnapped by criminals, ”Kiva said.

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  • MP from the Opposition Platform – For Life party Oleh Voloshyn commented on shooting of the bus of the Patriots – For Life organization activists near Kharkiv.

    “This is a colossal tragedy. They constantly threaten the leaders, politicians. I have always told them that if they want to get a real civil war, they will get it. Today they have taken another very dangerous step towards civil war. Everyone needs to be aware of this,” he noted.

    The MP added that if the organizers are not arrested for the next few hours, or at least imprisoned without bail for the duration of the investigation, then what else could be done except reacting accordingly.

    “For my part, I have already informed all the key Western embassies in Kyiv and directly wrote to my American colleagues about the situation. Here are videos and photographs of wounded people, machine gun shells, a shot on the bus. Put a question to the authorities that something should be done or this will be very bad for everyone. Naturally, we will raise this issue in the next few days. Next week the European Parliament begins to work. We will do this at the level of the European Parliament, so that the National Corps finally, as it long ago deserves, was recognized as a terrorist organization,” Voloshyn added.

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  • Zelensky is a Putin puppet. Get rid of him!

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  • What’s the problem? Someone only tried to cleanse the country of mafia vermin.

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  • “He said that the bus was fired upon by members of the Azov regiment and the National Corps party.”

    I suppose they had Azov regiment stamped on their foreheads.

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