Zelensky, Pompeo discuss ceasefire in Donbas


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has said that he had a phone conversation with U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, during which they discussed the ceasefire in Donbas.

“Pompeo congratulated the achievement of the ceasefire in Donbas. There are no casualties for 31 days. This was achieved thanks to both our work and the support of the USA and the EU. Grateful for the bipartisan support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the head of state said on Twitter on Wednesday.

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  • Why not discus the return of the Russian troops?

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  • The clown promised the Ukrainian people that he will bring peace to Donbass and he tries, and tries, and tries…
    Fight corruption instead, TV clown. That’s easier to achieve and at least just as important, if not, more.

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    • The corruption issue is very serious indeed and an existential threat in itself to an unstable country. But even that comes a distant second to getting murderous putinazi squatters off their land. Plus they need to do whatever it takes to prevent a chicom bat pox escalation.

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      • Donbas must be returned. The Crimea is lost forever. The only way to return Crimea is a booming economy while RuSSia’s is in free fall. But this would require wiping out corruption without mercy, which seems utopia in the years to come.

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        • Crimea was occupied by Russia from 1784 to 1954; which is a very short period from its long history. Geographically and politically it is part of Ukraine, being connected to the ancient Kherson oblast by the Arabat Spit and the Isthmus of Perekop. The latter name, as is Khersonesos (Kherson), is indicative of its period of Greek occupation, which lasted for many centuries, followed by 330 years of Tatar rule.
          There is a majority Russian population purely because the Russian empire and its successor the SU practiced genocide, deportation and race replacement. Even with a (then) 65% Russian population, Crimea still voted for independence from Russia in 1991. The mafia scum inserted as ‘prime minister’ by the rodent in 2014: Aksyonov, polled only 6% on a pro-rodent ticket the last time there was a genuine election.
          Russia has no legitimacy whatsoever in Crimea. They took it because it was easy: the Ukrainians had foolishly and fatally allowed them a lease after independence.
          Ukraine must NEVER give up on Crimea. It is simply too valuable and too beautiful to be occupied by nazi vermin. The Greeks, Tatars and Ukrainians have far more legitimate claims than Russia.
          There must never be a reward for theft and lies in the 21st century.

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          • It was not referring to legality. I was referring to facts. RuSSia de facto owns it and will never return it, even if Ukraine will still claim it in 1000 years from now. Additionally 70% of crimeans are ethnic ruSSian, and due to immigration the numbers are growing. Then add the brainwashing. If returned to Ukraine, there would be revolts allover Crimea and RuSSia. That’s why not even Navalny or Svetlana demand a return of Crimea to Ukraine. The only one who did was Boris Nemtsov, and he’s dead now.

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            • In that respect it’s similar to the Turkish occupation of North Cyprus. An agreement was made concerning property owned by Greek Cypriots in the TRNC and vice versa. The Turkish Cypriots did in fact offer to reunite with the South, provided all the Turks inserted by them since 1974 could remain. The Greek Cypriots did of course refuse this offer.
              Eventually the island will be as one and the invaders will have left. The original Turkish Cypriots, who actually get on ok with the Greek Cypriots, will remain.
              The Turks did have some legitimacy in invading in 1974 because Greece was then run by a putler-like fascist junta that wanted all Cyprus to be absorbed by Greece. What they did not realise was that the Greek Cyoriots did not like them either.
              Lots of parallels there. But the injustice of Cyprus, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine must eventually be rectified. For that we must wait for a US president who has taken the trouble to understand the truth and the burning injustice of these matters.

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  • “Pompeo congratulated the achievement of the ceasefire in Donbas.”

    What ceasefire? Is a ceasefire only a ceasefire when nobody is killed, or when nobody fires their weapons?

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