Almost half of Russians said they fear being microchipped against their will

Almost half (45%) of Russians who have heard about the technology of chip implantation fear that they can be microchipped without their knowledge. This is evidenced by the data of the VTsIOM poll. 

At the same time, only 41% of respondents believe that hidden chipping is, in principle, possible. 

In general, three quarters (77%) of Russians have a negative attitude to the idea of ​​chipping people; the least strongly negative attitude is expressed among young people under 24 (64% have a negative attitude). Among the shortcomings of chipping, Russians note possible interference with private life (35%), negative impact on health (16%), and the possibility of external control of a person through a chip (11%). 

Only 8% of Russians have a positive attitude to the possibility of chipping. Among the main advantages of this technology, they call the absence of the need to carry documents and bank cards with them, as well as the ability to establish the whereabouts of a missing person. 

In recent months, conspiracy theories about chipping have begun to gain popularity in the world, including in Russia. The most famous of them says that Bill Gates wants to implant chips in billions of people in order to control the population of the planet.

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  • англійський масон

    Jesus fucking Christ, no wonder they believe all the shit the kremlin puts out.

    Somebody please tell me, are people really so thick that they don’t know what size needle is required for a micro chip?

    Have they never noticed the size of the fucking things when they take their Pets to be chipped?

    There must be a formula for calculating the ratio for advancement in Technology vs declining Intelligence and critical thinking.


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