“There is a peaceful revolution in Belarus. It is neither pro nor anti-Russian. ” Svetlana Tikhanovskaya spoke at the European Parliament

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, a rival of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential elections in Belarus, spoke remotely in the European Parliament. The broadcast of her speech was conducted by RBC.

“[In Belarus] a peaceful revolution is taking place. It is not geopolitical in nature. It is neither pro-Russian nor anti-Russian. Nor is it anti-European or pro-European. This is a democratic revolution. <…> This is the struggle of the people to freely choose their leaders and determine their own destiny, “Tikhanovskaya said.

She also released another video message to Belarusians – this time dedicated to the 29th anniversary of the declaration of independence of Belarus. Tikhanovskaya addressed her compatriots in Belarusian, congratulated them on the holiday and called on the evening of August 25 to come to Independence Square in Minsk.

According to the CEC of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko won the presidential elections on August 9 with 80% of the vote, while Svetlana Tikhanovskaya took second place with 10%.

Independent observers and the media reported numerous violations and electoral fraud. After the vote, protests began in Belarus demanding Lukashenka’s resignation. His opponents believe that Tikhanovskaya won the election.

A few days after the elections, Tikhanovskaya left for Lithuania – according to her associates, under pressure from the Belarusian authorities. From there, she went on to call for protests in the country.

The heads of state of the European Union did not recognize the results of the presidential elections in Belarus.

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  • This woman is very naive if she thinks a Belarus neither pro Russian, or anti Russian will be allowed by Putin. You are either Pro Russian, or not, there is no middle ground. In Putin’s eyes, a country neither for or against Russia, could go either way, he won’t allow that to happen.

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