EU to adopt sanctions against Belarus next week; Lukashenko not included, – mass media

It is supposed that the name of the Belarusian president might be included in the list before the approval

The European Union will adopt sanctions against Belarusian officials the next week. However, President Alexander Lukashenko is not included in the list as Radio Liberty journalist Rikard Jozwiak reported on Twitter.

“The EU sanctions on Belarus should be plus/minus agreed and ready next week. So far it looks like Lukashenko won’t be listed but it can still change,” the journalist wrote.

As we reported, the EU aimed to impose new sanctions against Belarusian officials responsible for the brutal crackdown in the ex-Soviet state. The top diplomats from the bloc’s 27 member states met on August 14 to review former restrictions against Belarus party leadership that the EU removed in 2016, citing progress in improving the rule of law.

Later, Members of the European Parliament did not recognize the results of the presidential election in Belarus. They released a joint statement, according to which, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko is considered persona non grata in the EU.

On August 9, the clashes of the protesters with the law enforcers started in Minsk. The law enforcers used stun grenades and water cannons against the protesters. Later, it was reported that a man died during the protests. A young man received a fatal head injury. On August 10, protests against the results of the presidential elections were resumed in the Republic of Belarus, a flash-noise grenade exploded in the center of Minsk; journalists talked about three volleys at the intersection of Kalvariyskaya Street and Masherov Avenue.

During three nights of protests in Belarus, over 6,000 people were detained; about 500 were hospitalized. Over 40 criminal proceedings were opened. According to Belarusian mass media, the location of some detainees is still unknown.

On August 14, the Central Election Commission of Belarus announced the final results of the election. According to the commission, the incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko won the election.

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  • This is an unbelievable decision, but one that shows the gutless bastards running the EU. Just a few questions to the jellyfish. Who ordered the mass voting fraud, who ordered OMON thugs to murder and maim innocent civilians, who arrested all opposition candidates, then expelled the winner of the election? Your answer will be the person who should be sanctioned.

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  • “The EU sanctions on Belarus should be plus/minus agreed and ready next week. So far it looks like Lukashenko won’t be listed but it can still change,”
    I have confidence in the yellow-bellied sapsucking cowards that they will not sanction Luka. After all, the sewer rat has done far worse and he still isn’t being sanctioned.
    In short, the European dickless and sackless cowards have wholly forgotten what appeasement means to dick-tators. It means they can carry on as usual. And the EU is selling-out yet another East European people.

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