Zelensky calls for revote in Belarus

The move would “calm everyone down” and “be fair”, the president notes.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for the Belarus authorities to hold a new election to ease mounting tensions.

“Let’s imagine that I’m confident about myself, I’m confident in the people’s votes, I’m a confident person. How can I calm everyone down? I would definitely say: ‘In one month, there’ll be a new vote, and I am running in that new election. Whoever wants to run, go ahead.’ I’d invite everyone – all international observers, all of them,” Zelensky told in an interview with Euronews.

“And I’d tell the people of Belarus: ‘Please, elect whoever you want. And after that result, there would be no more questions, I’m convinced about it. If Lukashenko won, he’d win, if someone else won, then it’s someone else. But everyone would be calm, without blood. That’d be fair. It would make history,” Zelensky concluded.

The Belarusian foreign ministry has snubbed the Ukrainian president’s advice, saying Ukraine leadership will long have “more important issues to deal with” than issuing recommendations.

That’d be fair. It would make history

“You know, Ukraine is a brotherly country to us, and the Ukrainian people are a brother nation for Belarusians. Therefore, of course, at this frankly difficult moment for our country, it would be great to feel some kind of support or at least understanding, not listen to hackneyed advice coming from all sides. Now we definitely don’t need it,” spokesman Anatoliy Glaz said, according to BelTA.

“However, if you look at the recent history of Ukraine, of course, they do have certain experience in some issues. But the result of these political experiments certainly doesn’t convince the Ukrainians, and not only them, of their correctness and expedience. Moreover, in our opinion, the Ukrainian leadership will for many years ahead have many more important issues to deal with inside the country on an everyday basis rather than giving advice to neighbors,” the press secretary said.

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  1. Zelensky is so nieve. Does he think Luka is going to admit he fixed the election, by allowing a revote?

  2. Zel should butt out. Ukraine has very few friends (thanks to Russian lies, hate and propaganda) and Belarus isn’t one of them. Unless a democratic, west leaning politician somehow takes power in Minsk, there is no point in getting involved. Belarus looks likely to remain a Russian vassal for the foreseeable future.

    • I say let Russia and Luka sort this out. I doubt Putin will invade Belarus and absorb it into Russia, that would destroy the Kremlin claims of NATO moving closer to the Russian border. If Russia had any brains, they would talk to this woman, and remove Luka from power. She is a pro Russian, so nothing would change.

  3. I upvoted most comments as an act of courtesy. I think Belarus should be supported by Ukraine, it may pay off later in return. Calling Svetlana pro-RuSSia makes no sense. But i’m too tired to enter the same discussion like few days ago again. Belarus connects Ukraine with the Baltic States and Scandinavia by road and railways. Therefore it is of strategic importance, in particular since RuSSia and Turkey control most of the Azov and Black Sea.

    • I tend to agree with you too Mike. I think Svetlana is just trying to keep it simple. I know the people are pissed the RT droids are calling their country “Belorussia.”

      • Just check Euromaidan Press on Twitter. They made a bloody Belarussian flag their new banner. Definitely not because they consider Svetlana’s supporters enemies. 😎

  4. After all the damage that the television clown has caused Ukraine, a revote in Ukraine would also be called for.

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