Suspected of espionage. Austria expels Russian diplomat

Austria expels a Russian diplomat from the country and declared him persona non grata.

This was reported on Monday, August 24, by the Austrian edition of the Kronen Zeitung . The newspaper specifies that the diplomat must leave its territory by September 1 and is suspected of industrial espionage.

The Austrian Foreign Ministry confirmed to the Russian TASS agency that official Vienna is indeed expelling the Russian diplomat, since his actions contradict the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

“ I can confirm that a Russian diplomat will be expelled. His behavior is contrary to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, ”said Austrian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Claudia Türcher when asked to comment on the Austrian press statements.

Earlier, for a similar reason, Slovakia decided to expel three Russian diplomats.

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  1. If Austria are starting to remove Russian trash, things might be turning a corner in the EU, but I won’t crack open the bubbly yet.

  2. Austria has been a den of Russian spies since 1945. But it doesn’t stop the pricks from electing greasy, putler-groveling politicians.

    • This is the expected response from Russia.

      “We’re outraged by the groundless decision of the Austrian authorities,” a spokesperson for the Russian Embassy in Vienna told TASS. “We’re sure that an identical reaction from Moscow won’t take long.”

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