Protests in Belarus: Lukashenko evacuated by helicopter from Palace of Independence, – media

The helicopter has landed on the territory of the Palace

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is evacuated by helicopter from the Palace of Independence in Minsk. This is stated by Nexta Telegram channel.

“The evacuation of Lukashenko from the Palace began right at this moment,” the message says.

It is also noted that the helicopter has landed on the territory of the Palace of Independence.

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Minsk on Sunday in the latest mass demonstration against the Belarusian government.

The demonstrators, draped in red-and-white opposition flags, descended on Independence Square, chanting slogans against President Alexander Lukashenko, who secured victory in a controversial election earlier this month.

Local news outlets published videos on social media showing water cannon and riot police with shields moving towards Independence Square.

So far, authorities have arrested nearly 7,000 people, with protest organizers alleging police of torturing and abusing the detainees.

The Defense Ministry announced Sunday it will deploy the army to protect national monuments from protesters and any unrest near these sites will not be tolerated.

The ministry said it would intervene to protect World War II memorials, which it described as “sacred places,” and ordered the closure of four metro stations in central Minsk.

“The news [of the army deployment] has outraged people here. So far only the riot police have been used against the protesters. It is unclear whether these soldiers will be willing to use force against unarmed demonstrators,” said the journalist.

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  • “The evacuation of Lukashenko from the Palace began right at this moment,” the message says.”

    He has not been evacuated, he run away like all cowards do. Does he think the protestors are going to beat him to death with flowers?

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    The video………………………………….Luka and his gun.

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  • The state agency Belta has published three more videos of Lukashenka. On two of them he goes with escort along the Palace of Independence. On the third, he flies in a helicopter, orders the pilots to fly closer to [Pobediteley] Avenue (through the window you can see a large group of protesters in the area of ​​the stele), after which he says: “How the rats scattered.”

    From his helicopter: he calls the protesters: rats!

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  • Luka with his 80% yesterday. I reckon 5000 at most, and probably all threatened or paid to attend.

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  • Luka with his Kalashnikov:

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  • We’re witnessing the beginning of the dick-tator’s end. This has gotten too huge to stop anymore. Not even mafia land can stop it. I hope that the people of Belarus will not back down!

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  • This was noticed by Euroradio. When Lukashenka got out of the helicopter, the machine gun was without a magazine. And when he came to the cordon – already with him.

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    This was noticed by Euroradio. When Lukashenka got out of the helicopter, the machine gun was without a magazine. And when he came to the cordon – already with him.

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  • “Thank! You are handsome! We will deal with them! ”
    – says Lukashenka to the security officials who stood in a cordon on the way of the protesters. When the demonstrators left, he went to the cordon. The siloviki shouted in response: “We are with you to the end.”

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  • The channel “Belarus 1” announced that 20 thousand people took part in today’s opposition rally in Minsk, writes “Radio Liberty”. Previously, the same assessment was given by the Russian channel RT.

    The assessments of independent media were many times higher – at least 100 thousand people.

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  • The Nexta channel draws attention to the fact that in the footage published in the Pool of the First channel, you can see his son Nikolai sitting in the situation center with Alexander Lukashenko – in a bulletproof vest and with a machine gun on the table.

    From the situation room in Minsk. Only a secretary still there.

    Father and son in control..haha.

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    Hitler alone in his bunker……………………………..
    From the situation room in Minsk……that’s all folks!

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  • During that time, according to a joint investigation by Russian and Belarusian media, Lukashenka, 65, presided over the Miss Belarus pageant and drafted many of its winners into various positions in his presidential service.

    In a meeting with trainee diplomats in Minsk in October 2019, he described these women as his “weapon” in tense negotiations. “I raise my head — there go my beauties, one white, another black,” he said. “Everyone forgets about everything, opens their mouths, and stares at them.”

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  • An election commission that analysts say is answerable to Lukashenka alone sanctioned Tsikhanouskaya’s registration, apparently convinced that her lack of political experience and her gender would delegitimize her candidacy in the eyes of a public accustomed to the strongman’s gruff political style.

    “The president will be a man,” Lukashenka told workers during a visit to the Minsk Tractor Factory on May 29. “Our constitution was not written for women. And our society isn’t ready to vote for a woman.”

    Now, with the country riven by protests over an election deemed rigged and many calling on Lukashenka to concede defeat to Tsikhanouskaya, that doesn’t seem so sure.

    “He barred all real competitors who posed a significant threat,” said Tadeusz Giczan, an expert on Belarusian politics at King’s College London. “But in an attempt to allow some genuine opposition to run, to legitimize this election, he decided to allow the weakest candidate, Tsikhanouskaya. That was his biggest mistake.”

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  • One of the most massive protests took place in Minsk today

    There were if not more people on it than on the same action a week ago, then a commensurate number – about 150 thousand people. The protesters gathered in Independence Square, but all of them did not fit, some remained on the eponymous avenue.

    Towards evening, the demonstrators marched to a new point – the Planet hotel, across the street from the Minsk – Hero City stele. The stele itself was surrounded by barbed wire and about a thousand servicemen – before that, the Minister of Defense of Belarus announced that the army was taking all war memorials under its protection.

    The protesters had virtually no contact with the military, keeping their distance from them. After a short rally, at which members of the opposition Constitutional Court presidium spoke, the demonstrators decided to go to the final point – the State Flag Square.

    The road led there past the Palace of Independence, the working residence of the President of Belarus. But where the fence of the residence began, a line of security officials with special equipment and water cannons lined up. The protesters stopped a few dozen meters away from them, after which they returned to the “Planet” and further to the city center. In the process, almost everyone dispersed. No arrests were reported.

    Late in the evening, the information agenda was intercepted by the press service of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, which published a series of videos in which he appears in a bulletproof vest and with a machine gun. And accompanied by his 15-year-old son Nikolai, who was also armed. The press service also announced that the demonstrators were going to “storm” the residence, but did not do it, fearing the security forces.


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  • Biden has started to infiltrate the protest movement in Belarus. Please ignore this asshole! This is your fight, the liberal muslim-loving childfuckers have nothing to do with this. Glory to the brave Belarussians! Fuck Biden!

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  • Luka seems to have emptied the ranks…

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