Kremlin trolling Navalny

From the FB page of ‘Boycott Russia Today’. Aug 22 2020.

Ben Macintyre [paywalled so this excerpt only]:

— Kremlin denial over attack on Navalny is yet another example of ‘vranyo’, a statement that is shamelessly untrue

Another critic of Vladimir Putin is struck down, and the official response from Moscow is familiar, routine, ritualised.

Claims that the anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny was poisoned are “mere conjecture”, says the Kremlin, adding, with smirking insincerity: “Naturally, we wish him the speediest possible recovery, just like any other citizen of our country”.

Tass, the official news agency, meanwhile launches an alternative theory: that Navalny poisoned himself, possibly while drunk. An unnamed law enforcement source is quoted as saying police “did not exclude that he drank or took something himself”. A doctor said: “No poisons have been detected”. Navalny’s family insist they are being lied to.

The untranslatable Russian word for this is “vranyo”, meaning a statement that is obviously untrue but which…..


  • The Biden cartoon has nothing to do with the article and was uploaded by mistake. I deleted it but it’s still up there for some reason; possibly because I am in a weak internet area at present.

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  • Regardless if Navaly survives or dies, in the end, mafia land will remain “innocent” and the West will do business with it as usual. And, it matters not that even the dumbest and drunkest and the highest of people can perceive that there simply cannot be another interpretation than mafia land being the culprit in this matter when seeing that a whole line of other dead and injured anti-Kremlin people preceded Navalny. No, the jellyfish will see it differently.
    Then, the next victim can be killed in comfort, and the next, and so on and so forth.
    It’s so tragic having such nematodes as political figures these days.

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