Trump considered Ukraine part of Russia – Bolton

According to John Bolton, it was very difficult to give any advice to Trump

Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton said that Donald Trump considered Ukraine part of Russia. He said this on the air of Puls 24 TV channel.

“We had such conversations very often I can’t even count how many times I had to explain to him why the Korean Peninsula was divided in 1945. The same was with Ukraine, which, in his opinion, is actually part of Russia.” Bolton said.

Bolton also said that it was very difficult to give any advice to Trump.

From 2018 to 2019, John Bolton was a National Security Adviser to President Trump. In June of this year, Bolton published a book, The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir, in which he describes his work as the president’s national security aide. The book has been causing a stir around the world for several weeks now.

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  1. I will endorse Donald Trump for 2020. I don’t listen to any crap no more coming from the Obamas, Hillary, Cohen or Bolton. What did Biden do for Ukraine as vice? Nada! His boss Obummer even vetoed lethal arms for Ukraine. Trump and Trudeau are currently the only leaders who provide Ukraine with military assistance, including Javelins and Navy vessels.

    • Trump is an idiot when it comes to Ukraine, but the Democrats are filth when it comes to the US. Bottom line is that, for my country’s best, I also hope that Trump will win. Congress will care for Ukraine anyhow.

  2. That is precisely in line with all the other crap he has come up with on that topic. Look who his friends are! Manafort was a Russian agent of influence. Now the Senate confirms that he was working closely with a GRU agent during the 2016 campaign.
    Another trumputin scuzzbucket; Bannon, is now up on embezzlement charges.

  3. This is no surprise. I’m sure glad that the orange one wasn’t in charge of where to draw the line for the location of the anti-immigration wall. He would wall-up Canada.

  4. Bolton was OK as UN Ambassador, but as an advisor, he was simply not up to snuff. His book is little more than an effort to toot his own horn and little that he says can be trusted.

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