The Kremlin is monitoring Navalny’s hospitalization and is ready to provide assistance. Full transcript of Peskov’s conversation with journalists

Kommersant FM : Does the Kremlin monitor the situation with the poisoning of Alexei Navalny?

Dmitry Peskov : Yes, the media post a lot of information about this, so we also, in fact, read this information. We know that he is in serious condition. Doctors do whatever is necessary. The best doctors were attracted to Omsk. As far as we know, also from media reports, they use telemedicine methods, hold consultations with specialists in Moscow. Of course, like any citizen of our country, we wish him a speedy recovery.

Kommersant FM : Is all this reported to the President?

Dmitry Peskov : There is no need for special reports, because there are a lot of media reports. The monitoring, of course, contains this information.

Kommersant FM : If Alexei Navalny needs, for example, evacuation to a foreign clinic in a country with which Russia still has closed borders, will the Kremlin be able to assist in this matter?

Dmitry Peskov : If they turn to the Kremlin, or turn to the Ministry of Health, or turn to any department – of course. Many Russian citizens these days, although the borders are closed, go abroad for treatment. And, of course, we will be ready to consider very promptly such appeals, if any.

Federal News Agency : Does the Kremlin know that we are talking about poisoning with a hallucinogen, presumably sodium oxybutyrate?

Dmitry Peskov : So far, as far as we know, there are no analysis results. Therefore, all assumptions are only assumptions about whether it was poisoning. This must be laboratory confirmed. You just have to wait for the analysis results. And if it was poisoning, then what. Let’s wait for the results. I think that doctors are doing a great job of treating the patient, doing everything possible, everything necessary. In addition, they are quite open about providing detailed information about what is happening.

Ekho Moskvy : Regarding the investigation of what happened to Navalny. To what extent does the Kremlin consider it correct now to investigate this as a possible crime? Because so far we have not heard of any opened criminal cases or anything like that. Considering, again, that Alexei Navalny is one of the loudest critics of the current government, including the law enforcement system. Does the Kremlin think that there should be some kind of investigation, especially transparent, open, or maybe even organized in a special way?

Dmitry Peskov : This is a citizen of the Russian Federation. First, we need to wait for the final analyzes, which will help doctors determine what happened, what caused this situation, the cause of loss of consciousness. After that, if there is poisoning, if there are relevant statements or if other decisions are made by law enforcement agencies, then there will be an investigation. This applies to any citizen of the Russian Federation.

Ekho Moskvy : And now the relevant authorities or special services report to the president about the situation or not? Because the number of law enforcement officers in the hospital in Omsk is quite large.

Dmitry Peskov : Unfortunately, I do not know about this. I don’t think they are reporting. The general situation within the framework of media reports, especially, I say, the situation is quite transparent, doctors regularly inform what they are doing, how and in what condition the patient is. Therefore, this information is available to absolutely everyone. It is also available to the head of state in those monitors that are constantly being prepared for him.

Ekho Moskvy : Nevertheless, doesn’t the Kremlin think that this is a special situation, for which some other protocol of action is needed? Because now one of the main critics of the regime is in a coma in the hospital. 

Dmitry Peskov : First, not the regime …

Ekho Moskvy : I am in a political science sense, not in a negative connotation. Let me then put it this way: “one of the main critics of Vladimir Putin and the current government.”

Dmitry Peskov : The current government has many critics. And among them there are citizens of the Russian Federation. And, of course, when something threatens the life of a citizen of the Russian Federation, then this is a serious situation. Both doctors and law enforcement agencies take all citizens equally seriously.

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