Russian law enforcement agencies not considering theory of Navalny’s deliberate poisoning

When Navalny was admitted to hospital, he was diagnosed with “acute poisoning with psychedelics,” a source in the Russian law enforcement said

MOSCOW, August 20. /TASS/. The theory that Russian blogger Alexei Navalny may have been deliberately poisoned is not being considered now, a source in the Russian law enforcement agencies told TASS on Thursday.

“This theory is not being considered now. It is not ruled out that he drank or took something yesterday himself,” the source said.

When Navalny was admitted to hospital, he was diagnosed with “acute poisoning with psychedelics,” he noted.READ ALSOOpposition figure Alexei Navalny hooked up to ventilator, unconscious, says spokeswoman

On Thursday morning, Navalny’s spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh said that the plane carrying the Russian blogger from Tomsk to Moscow had made an emergency landing in Omsk because he felt unwell. She added that Navalny was unconscious.

Chief doctor at the Omsk hospital, where Navalny was sent, confirmed to TASS that he was in serious condition and put on a ventilator.

Disclaimer: this is an article from a Russian propaganda site.

(c)TASS 2020


  • англійський масон

    Press conference.

    Kira Yarmysh ‘He became depressed and jumped out of a window.’
    (Whispers from behind her)

    Kira Yarmysh ‘I’m sorry, that’s someone next week. This Guy was attacked and robbed by persons unknown, we suspect he has links to criminal gangs seeking revenge.’
    (Whispers from behind)

    Kira Yarmysh ‘It appears he was poisoned. Not by us though. Definitely not us. We didn’t do it.’

    It doesn’t really matter whether we actually know what happened because we have heard through official russian channels, we know because we know the M.O. of the land of ‘unfortunate accidents’.
    I can’t think of any other Country where it is so risky to be outspoken or voice an opinion.
    The shithole is beginning to rival the nazis ‘Night of the long knives’.

    It must be close to rivaling this Bloke.

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  • Maybe too much LSD, or Extacy? Or maybe some drugs + Corona? Putin could have him killed long time ago. Makes no sense so far. But we have to wait and see. However, his death would be another setback in the struggle for democracy in RuSSia.

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    • Considering it is usually days before the Kremlin can scatter the boys out of Putler’s bed and get a comment from him on current events, I would say this immediate and premature response is propaganda. If they were serious, they would have let the doctors speak or at least do some testing. Yeah, like Navalny would poison himself…

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