In Belarus, found dead 29-year-old director of the museum Konstantin Shishmakov He refused to sign the protocol of voting in the elections. And a week later he told his wife about the dismissal – and disappeared

On August 15, 29-year-old Konstantin Shishmakov, director of the Bagration military history museum in the city of Volkovysk (Grodno region), disappeared in Belarus. On that day, he went to work after a week’s vacation, and in the evening he called his wife and said: “I won’t work here anymore, I’m going home.” He never made it home.

His father, Andrei Shishmakov, expressed the opinion that everything began on the day of the presidential election on August 9. According to him, his son was on the election commission and, together with another member, refused to sign the final voting protocol. Someone signed for them. After finishing work at the site, they were offered to take them home, to which they replied: “We have nothing to be ashamed of, we will go ourselves.”

“Konstantin was on vacation all week, he ended on Friday. It’s a working day at the museum on Saturday [Aug 15] and the son went to work. At the end of the day, he called his wife to say: he no longer wants to work here and cannot. And now a day has passed since he disappeared, ”said Sr. Shishmakov to

The wife of the missing person went to the police. They found out that the last time Shishmakov’s phone had given a signal was in the Mostovsky district of the Grodno region, not far from the Neman River – on the road from Volkovysk to Grodno.

On August 18, employees of the National Art Museum in Minsk went to the action with a poster “Where is Konstantin Shishmakov?” A few hours later, the Angel search and rescue squad reported that Shishmakov was dead.

His body was found a kilometer from the city of Mosty in the forest, wrote . “We made the decision to send a search team with drones to the place where his mobile phone last worked. During the search activities, we found the missing person’s car. Subsequently, we found the body of the disappeared, ”the commander of the Angel detachment Sergei Kovgan told the publication.

Константин Шишмаков. Фото из его личного архива

The Investigative Committee of Belarus began an investigation into the death of Shishmakov. According to preliminary information from the department, it is not criminal in nature. and  Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that Shishmakov could have committed suicide., referring to the sister of the deceased’s wife, wrote that the man was found hanged. The motives behind the alleged suicide were not reported.

In Belarus, after the presidential elections, mass protests began, which continue to this day. Their participants are sure that the election results, in which Alexander Lukashenko, according to the Central Election Commission of Belarus, received 80% of the votes, were falsified.

During the protests – and their harsh dispersal in the early days – a resident of Minsk, Alexander Taraikovsky ( could have been fatally wounded by the security forces at a protest action), a resident of Gomel, Alexander Vikhor ( died after being detained in a police car), a resident of Brest Gennady Shutov ( was fatally injured by the police at a protest), 19-year-old resident of Minsk Artem Porukov (according  to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he was hit on the road; the department called him a participant in the action, Porukov’s acquaintances deny the connection between his death and the protests).

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