Ukraine Holding Talks With China On Mutual Visa Abolition


Ukraine is holding talks with China on mutual abolition of tourist visas.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced this in a statement, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“In order to establish a visa-free regime for tourist trips by citizens of Ukraine and China on a mutual and permanent basis, work is being done with the Chinese side to consolidate the relevant visa simplifications at the legal and agreement levels. The government will inform the public about agreements reached in this context,” the ministry said in response to an information request from Ukrainian News Agency.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree unilaterally abolishing tourist visas for citizens of China who enter Ukraine for periods not exceeding 30 days within a 180-day period on August 1.

“The decision will help reboot the Ukrainian tourism industry, intensify mutually beneficial bilateral economic cooperation, and create favorable conditions for attracting investments from China to Ukraine,” the Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine generated USD 1.7 million in revenue from visa fees in 2019 before it suspended visas for Chinese citizens.

Ukraine also abolished visas for citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia on August 1.

Citizens of these six countries paid visa fees totaling USD 1.2 million in 2019.

Ukraine expects the abolition of visas for citizens of these countries to be reciprocal liberalization of visas for Ukrainian citizens and help attract investments to the country.

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  • Will be canceled once Zelensky is gone, together with trade deals with muslim countries. Then Kolomoisky will be handed to the US.

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    • Why should they cancel trade deals with muzloid countries? The US has lots of them, including KSA, which continues even after 9/11. Ukraine can’t afford to be selective: no one else is, plus they have only a very tiny number of reliable friends in the world.

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      • It depends on the dimensions of the trade volume. The US mainly imports oil from the ME, not much else. Ukraine should not make herself dependent from shitholes concerning the export of goods. Look how dependent Germany became on ruSSian gas. I say keep trade with shitholes as low as possible.

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        • The US trades with anyone who wants their stuff and a lot of them do. Coke and Pepsi do huge business out there. America does lots of business with enemies like China and Russia. So there is no logic in what you suggest. No country on earth refuses business with muzloid countries; their money is the same as anyone else’s. Ukraine needs as many trade partners as it can get at this crucial time.


  • Looks like Ze is trying his best to piss off the US with this fawning to the Chinks.

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  • His policies are almost worse than those of Luka.

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  • “Ukraine expects the abolition of visas for citizens of these countries to be reciprocal liberalization of visas for Ukrainian citizens and help attract investments to the country.”
    A better way to attract investments is to concentrate on the country’s education system, pass applicable laws for investors, produce good products, be innovative, and … defeat corruption.
    A visa-free regime attracts mainly trash.

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