Ukraine, Bangladesh plan to strengthen economic cooperation


Ukraine and Bangladesh plan to strengthen the economic component of bilateral relations and to open permanent diplomatic missions in both countries in the future.

Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Yevhenii Yenin discussed this during a meeting with Ambassador of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to Ukraine (concurrently) Muhammad Mahfuzur Rahman on August 17, the Foreign Ministry’s press service reported.

“The parties confirmed their readiness to strengthen the dynamics of Ukrainian-Bangladeshi dialogue, in particular, the intention to hold the second round of political consultations and the introduction of consular consultations. They also discussed a number of issues on the agenda of cooperation in trade and investment,” the report says.

Taking into account the high rates of growth of bilateral trade and the opening of new promising areas of cooperation, the interlocutors expressed a common position on the advisability of mutual opening of permanent diplomatic missions in the future.

Yenin also proposed to organize a visit of representatives of the business circles of the Republic of Bangladesh to Ukraine in the future in order to study the conditions for joint investment projects.

The parties paid special attention to the importance of enhancing cooperation in such sectors as agriculture, mechanical engineering, production cooperation and education.

The deputy minister thanked the ambassador for his assistance in organizing evacuation flights for Ukrainian citizens amid the pandemic.

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  • Many people, in particular myself, would buy anything that says ‘Made in Ukraine’. Importing cheap textiles from Bangladesh will not create jobs in Ukraine, but destroy lots.

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    • It is also shameful that Ukrainian goods imported to the EU zone never carry a label ‘Made in Ukraine’, but simply go under addresses in Germany or Holland. Ukraine is a label, promote it!

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  • They could do a lot worse. Bangladesh has an enormous population: 162 million and a growing economy. Britain and America have cultivated firm diplomatic and trade relations relations with them as it is a strategically important, moderate country. It’s riddled with corruption unfortunately and that will never change!

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