Trump to discuss Belarus protests with Putin

The U.S. leader considers the event “a peaceful march”

The protests in Belarus seem to be a “peaceful march”, and something that is worth to be discussed with Russia. US President Donald Trump said so as quoted by Reuters.

“Trump, speaking at an unrelated event at the White House, added there did not seem to be too much democracy in Belarus, which has seen a wave of protests sparked by the former Soviet republic’s election 10 days ago that opponents say was stolen. “I like seeing democracy,” he told reporters. “It doesn’t seem like it’s too much democracy there in Belarus.” “It’s certainly a very big march, and it seems to be a peaceful march,” he added”, reads the story.

The US leader did not mention any specific date of these talks with Russia.

Earlier, Belarusian Interior Ministry confirmed the fact of third death during the protests. It appeared to be a young man who deceased at Partizansky bridge in Minsk, reports NAVINY.BY. The 19-year-old died on August 18.  A Renault light duty vehicle ran over a pedestrian who was on the roadway at the moment of the tragedy. The Interior Ministry claims that the pedestrian was warned by the driver, but he did not withdraw in time.

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