Inter hammers Shakhtar Donetsk to reach Europa League final


Italy’s Inter has thrashed Ukraine’s Shakhtar Donetsk 5-0 to reach the final of the UEFA Europa League.

The clubs met in the second semifinal of the 2019/20 Europa League in Dusseldorf on August 17. Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez both scored twice.

Inter will play Spain’s Sevilla in the final that will be held in Cologne on Friday, August 21.

Earlier, Sevilla beat Manchester United 2-1 and reached the Europa League final.

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  • Well, Lukaku made the difference. Still Shakhtar had a terrible day. The defense was totally paralyzed.

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    • Off topic: see on F1’s post about ‘protesters paid for riots’, I made an ‘official’ apology to the ragin’ Cajun.

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      • Thanks. Yes, KP is now good cop bad cop. I don’t follow no more. But Hromadske and Euromaidan press have become better. On Twitter they always have the latest news. Sadly they rarely link to articles, but tweet straight from the liver instead. Copy&pasting tweets is difficult since the text setup gets screwed.

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        • EP is fantastic. Lots of brilliant articles.
          On top of all the other pressing matters, I now think the govt needs to urgently address the problems of the beautiful city of Odessa, which is turning into (or already has become) Russian gangster controlled city with increasing Syrian influence. Kivan is controlling all the construction projects in the best areas, such as Fontanka, Arkadia, Primorskiy.
          These crooks have incredible wealth; which I saw for myself. Outside the super-premium Le Silpo store were fleets of top end cars. And of course the mansions that they own resemble somewhere like Monte Carlo. Govt needs to seize it all and lock them up.
          I am a great admirer of honest entrepreneurs who made their $millions the hard way. But thugs need to be taken down.

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