I could never imagine that there will be some day a MAIDAN MINSK.

Suddenly without any warning, there is and how.

99% hates Uncle Luka. Whatever happens the next few days, he is gone.

Russian troops are ready to restore order, but that will be war.

Invasion against 99% of the people does not work.

Putin has another problem.

May be in 6 years the Russian sheeps are getting awake with a hangover, and decide today we topple Putin.

The fake Union State is dead and buried, who cares.

Minsk did it, speaking about sheep.

Lets only make the 6 years to Maidan Moscow as short as possible.

Any ideas, lads?


Veth 2020


  • I don’t think anyone here on are very surprised about Minsk Maidan but the pictures of the crowds are earth shattering and a surprise, at least to me.
    So Putin has watched his neighbors rise up and so have the citizens of Russia. It seems to me, generally, Russia appreciate strength and predictability. Both of those qualities are wearing off Mr. Platform shoes. I think there will be problems for the tiny poisoner when he “runs” again in 2024 maybe not because of the vote but because Vladolf will kill or imprison any opposition.

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