“I am ready to become a national leader.” Svetlana Tikhanovskaya issued a new appeal to Belarusians

Alexander Lukashenko’s rival in  the presidential elections in Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has written down a new appeal to the citizens of the country. Here is its transcript.https://www.youtube.com/embed/UPATUpqAIDE?feature=oembed&iv_load_policy=3&showinfo=0&color=white

Dear and beloved Belarusians! All of us and our country are now going through a very difficult period in our history, when meanness borders on heroism, despair – on courage, and love – on betrayal. During this period, we must make our choice. Time demands it from us.

These days, when we bury our heroes, I cry with you. This is an incredible loss for the country. Young people killed innocently. We need to support their families. We are obliged to name streets by their names in the future. Their names will remain in our memory.

I have not and did not have any illusions about my political career. I didn’t want to be a politician, but fate decreed that I was on the very front line of confrontation with arbitrariness and injustice. Destiny and you who believed in me. You who gave me strength. Now every minute I admire your courage, your self-organization and how strong and bright you are.

You gave me your votes, I really appreciate it, I absolutely know why you did it. We all want to get out of this endless circle in which we found ourselves 26 years ago. I am ready to take responsibility and act during this period as a national leader so that the country calms down, enters a normal rhythm, so that we release all political prisoners and as soon as possible prepare the legislative framework and conditions for organizing new presidential elections. Real, fair and transparent elections that will be unconditionally accepted by the world community.

Over the past months, it has become completely obvious to the whole world that Belarusians are people who know how to organize themselves, make the right decisions and are able to stand up for themselves and their loved ones. But the most important thing is that we realized this ourselves. This is the realization that we have lacked for many years. Belarusians today show miracles of heroism, solidarity and decency. Time after time, we demonstrate to the world our dedication to the ideas of nonviolent resistance and by this we prove that truth is not on the side of strength and arms – truth is on the side of fortitude, honesty, decency and courage. 

These signals will surely be heard, and we will receive supporters from all over the world who will help us get through this difficult period. And we will also be able to return to the country the energy of those Belarusians who, by the will of fate, ended up in other countries of the world. They are just like us. And today they are doing everything possible so that changes quickly come into our lives. For the first time in many years, we were able to become one whole – Belarusians who love their country.

Now we have no right to lose that creative energy, those positive changes in society, the determination that we have gained – and with which we can change our country. Transformed her from a country ruled by corruption and violence to a country for a prosperous, safe and happy life.

I understand that the most important thing is the independence of Belarus. She is that constant that cannot be lost under any circumstances. Every time my heart was filled with love and pride when I learned that in many polling stations the commissions honestly counted votes, ignoring the pressure from the authorities, and how security officers put shields at the feet of ordinary peaceful Belarusians. This will go down in history as actions that have become a sign of this time – the time of liberation.

I want to reach out to people in uniform. Belarusians are people who do not accept violence, Belarusians are generous and fair. And if you decide not to carry out criminal orders and go over to the side of the people, they will forgive you, support you and in the future will not reproach you with a bad word. I think that you yourself know and understand this very well. After all, we are all one whole, which someone wants to break and play off. We are Belarusians. We have no right to raise a hand against each other. We must assess what is happening with a cool head, ask ourselves a simple question, who benefits from our confrontation and who derives the greatest benefit from it. We are one, and you should know that we will always accept you if your thoughts are pure and your repentance is sincere.

Today, strength and patience are more important to us than ever. We express solidarity with those who defend their rights by all peaceful means, including peaceful rallies and strikes. We support each other, showing mutual assistance and solidarity, not leaving each other in trouble. And the whole world looks at us with admiration and hope and is ready to help both the country as a whole and everyone. Our strength lies in faith in ourselves and in each other. Remember, only together we can build a country for life.

(C)MEDUZA 2020

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