From FB page ‘News from and about Ukraine in English‘

August 17. 2020

Pavel Gintov

Russian state “media” is calling for Russian military to invade Belarus.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, 14 nations broke away from Russia. Three of them, the most Western and the least Russified countries – Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia – managed to implement all necessary reforms and joined the NATO and the EU. Today Lithuanians, Estonians and Latvians live in a free democratic society, and the level of life in these countries is incomparable to the rest of the post-Soviet states.

The other former “Soviet republics” turned into third-world dictatorships, ruled by Kremlin-controlled ex-communist officials and mafia. Whenever people rise up against these neo-feudal puppet regimes, they have to face Russian military. That’s what happened in Georgia; and now 20 percent of that country’s territory is occupied by Russia. That’s what happened in Ukraine; and Ukrainians have been defending their land from Russian invasion for six long years and lost thousands of lives in this war. A large province of Moldova that is called Transnistria is being de-facto occupied by Russia.

These hot and frozen conflicts don’t allow the post-Soviet countries to improve their political and economical situation. They are the metastasis that destroy any hope for better future for generations to come. Very few things can be worse than having Russia as your neighbor.

Today people of Belarus rose up. This country has been one of the most loyal Russia’s satellites. It has been ruled by the same dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, since 1994. That’s over quarter of a century.

I support the people of Belarus with all my heart. We all are in the same boat.


  • Below is an image taken from Kremlin Today. It’s amazing that out of over 200,000 people opposing Luka in a rally, that Putin’s mouthpiece “found” these 3 women holding banners written in English.

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  • “This country has been one of the most loyal Russia’s satellites.”
    And, if Luka falls and no other Poootin boot licker takes his place, mafia land will have lost Belarus. What’s worse (for the dwarf); the Ruskies people MIGHT get encouraged to get rid of their own criminal parasite.
    I doubt that the pedophile dwarf will tolerate this scenario.

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