Disposable. Insignificant. Irrelevant. How the Kremlin views European Citizens


By killing4kremlin


Skripal. Everyone knows that name now. Sergei Skripal has now become synonymous with Russian assassination and Putin’s reckless pursuit of his enemies on foreign soil. 

Sergei Skripal, former Russian military officer and UK double agent, and his daughter Yulia survived the attack on their lives. The nerve agent, Novichok, used by the Russian assassin, failed to take their lives. Other innocent British citizens were not as fortunate. 

Unlike a gun or knife, releasing a nerve agent in a public area is not a surgical attack. It is not one done with care, only harming the intended target. Russia used a biological weapon to send a message. That not only is the target expendable but so is anyone else unfortunate enough to come across it. That the lives of British citizens are disposable as long as Putin meets his goals. 

This particular attack left one British citizen dead and severely sickened five others who now face life-long health problems. Two of those victims were British police investigators. 
When the Kremlin sent their assassin to take out the Skripals, they did so knowing there would be innocent British civilians harmed in the process…they simply did not and do not care. Just like the attack in the family park in Germany, Russia sees all of Europe as potential collateral damage.


  • This is interesting, for it sheds light on the murderous campaign mafia land wages in Europe and Europe’s own pathetic failures to protect its citizens.
    “…Russia sees all of Europe as potential collateral damage.”
    Well, seriously now … do the European governments treat their citizens any better? After all, they are letting the entire continent being flooded with third-world trash. Peoples, who are too stupid and/or too lazy to make their own nations into successful places, are coming to Europe in droves for handouts and they are getting them. Many – too many – are criminals and even terrorists. Almost daily, I read about certain, often violent crimes they are committing.
    Where are the outcries and the consequences?
    And, what serious consequences have mafia land and its criminal associates suffered for their rampant murder and injury spree across Europe? It’s a shame and it’s pathetic that NO government is capable or even willing to punish this giant crime syndicate as would be fit.

    “He described a blood-splattered world of contract killings for revenge and politics, of a type that seems to exist only in moviemakers’ fantasies — and in Russia.
    “Organized-crime style contract murders were rampant in Russia’s business circles in the early post-Soviet period. In recent years, however, the rising incidence of contract killings by Russians outside the country is raising alarms.”
    “In a Death, Details of More Russian Murder-for-Hire Plots”

    “Motives aside, Putin would be unlikely to authorize such a brazen operation unless he was reasonably confident that Russia would not face meaningful retaliation. If the Kremlin gets away with this — as it has done, largely, with previous crimes committed by GRU Unit 29155 and other proxies — further escalation is only a question of time.”

    “Oksana Bashuk Hepburn: Putin continues to get away with murder”
    “Truth and No Consequences in Russia: Europe thaws on Putin as assassinations in the West continue.”

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  • Of course there is massive concern in ordinary tax-paying citizens throughout Europe that their governments refuse to protect them from pisslamonazi invaders. Britain has a centre right regime that was elected for that specific reason, yet has allocated €billions to put invaders in 4 star hotels! Boris and co are terrified of being accused of racism.
    However, those citizens concerned about the death and misery inflicted by invaders from the third world are still indifferent to the savagery of the putler regime, which has murdered far more innocent Christians this century than the combined efforts of AQ/isis and ‘asylum seekers’. Now that really is a massive scandal because it means that putinazi propaganda works.

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    • It’s the same in Norway. Despite the Breivik killings norwegians voted overwhelmingly for the Progressive Party, a self-declared nationalist party. Yet under their rule more muzzlims, in particular pakis, iraqis and syrians came to Norway than under the social democrats. Not to mention Canada, which does not even have an anti-immigration party! 😕 Seems almost all major western political parties, except for parts of the GOP, are on Putin’s payroll. Will they change once Putin is dead and no more cheques being issued? Will be interesting to see!

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      • Putler has bought a lot of influence, that’s for sure. It has become clear that his troll farms were incredibly active during the Brexit campaign and his stooge Farage was bankrolled by a businessman named Aaron Banks, who coincidentally no doubt is a Russian speaker married to a Russian putlerite ho.
        EU remainers believe that putler wanted us out of Europe to weaken the EU, but they are off the mark as usual. The EU will in fact be stronger without Britain because it will be more united and open in its support for the fascist rodent. Only Poland and Pribaltika remain in the EU as anti-putler countries and they will become increasingly marginalized.
        The Franco-German putlerite alliance hate Nato and want to form their own ‘EU army’, which would more likely fight with, rather than against Russia.
        That’s why we need a new European military/trade/intel sharing bloc consisting of Poland, Pribaltika, Ukraine, Georgia, Canada and the US.

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