Breaking: Lukashenko in favor of new elections


Belarus’ dictator Lukashenko said he is in favor of holding fresh elections, since the outcome of the current elections is widely disputed.

This could be either a sign of Luka giving in to the pressure and protecting Belarus from a Russian invasion, or just another rigged vote.

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  • Only half a story here. Lukashenko will hold new elections, but only after a referendum to change the constitution. This is what he said.

    “Alexander Lukashenko assured that he is ready to share his presidential powers in this regard. “A new constitution is needed. Two options were offered to me. I rejected them because they differ little from this one. Work is underway on a third option. Come, sit down and work on the Constitution. I’ll hand it over to the Constitution. But not under pressure or across the street! ” – said the head of state.”

    Doesn’t sound like a guy who wants to give up power anytime soon, more like clutching at straws, or he wants a Putin style referendum.

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  • Maybe Luka hanging in a lofty place on a street lamp would be a better option … for the people.

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