Lukashenko on protests in Belarus: Do not protrude into streets, we will restore order

The President of Belarus accused the Ukrainians and Russians who came to the country of the riots

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko urged citizens not to take to the streets with protests and said that they are being used as “cannon fodder”. According to him, the organizers of these protests are people from abroad. He made such a statement on the BelTA TV channel.

“Once again, we return to the issues of the situation not even in Belarus, but in the capital – in Minsk. I will not say that there is some kind of disaster or the situation is too tense, but there are enough problems and there are enough questions that need to be addressed. we can clearly see what is happening. We see the actors today. As we said, the organizers of all this are people from abroad. In the forefront are people with a criminal past, moreover, a decent criminal past. Well, ours – where the children, where not quite children,” Lukashenko said.

According to his owls, he cannot make claims to anyone because of how the situation is developing.

“The only thing, I’ll ask the minister and others: we are still Slavs, if a person has fallen and lies, he should not be beaten. That is, there must be a certain brake,” Lukashenka added.

In addition, he asked his parents to watch over their children and asked people not to go out on the streets.

“Don’t lean out into the streets now! Understand that you and our children are being used as “cannon fodder”! Today we have come in large numbers here from Poland, Holland, Ukraine, from this open Russia, and so on and so forth. Aggression has already begun against the country Tell me, how should a military man act? What should I do in this situation? Do you want me to sit and wait until Minsk is turned over? So we will not stabilize the situation later. Therefore, we need to stop, take our heads in hand and calm down. restore order, deal with those who came here,” Lukashenko summed up.

As we reported earlier, the EU aims to impose new sanctions against Belarusian officials responsible for the brutal crackdown in the ex-Soviet state, as Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told reporters on August 14. He slammed the post-electoral unrest as “completely unacceptable”.

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  • We saw your results of restoring order Luka, very much out of the dictators playbook. The only person responsible for your demise, is the guy you see in the mirror. Time to act like a man and accept your time is up. Close the door on your way out.

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  • And i thought Putin has brain damage. What a pitiful asshole. Time to board a jet and piss off to Venezuela! Assgiver!

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  • “President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko urged citizens not to take to the streets with protests and said that they are being used as “cannon fodder”. According to him, the organizers of these protests are people from abroad.”
    That’s a lame way of trying to deflect the true causes of the protests; the people are sick and tired of seeing the same old oppressive, lying, dick-tatorial face in the presidential office.
    The same trick was used by the sewer rat and his Ukrainian ass-giver Yanukobitch.

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  • Putler will be undertaking a cost-benefit analysis. Does he a) invade and install a new puppet, b) invade and emasculate and prop up his old puppet, c) wait to see if Luka can head off the ‘Minsk Maidan’ with a crackdown himself, or d) allow events to take their course and not interfere even if a west-leaning regime is established?
    We can rule out d).

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  • англійський масон

    Same old Commie tripe, blame outside forces because that’s your method.

    It still amazes me when the putler lovers claim Euromaidan was caused by the US / EU.

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