Lukashenka promised not to allow a “human chain” from Vilnius to Kiev

Alexander Lukashenko said that he would not allow the “human chain” action from Vilnius to Kiev to be held.

“There are few on the avenue in Minsk who are not indifferent to flowers and in chains … They already want to put up from Vilnius to Kiev and gather there more than 300 thousand people,” – quotes Lukashenko’s speech at the General Staff.

According to Lukashenka, he instructed the Defense Ministry, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KGB, as well as the Prosecutor General “to categorically prevent such actions.”

“I already went through this after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when there was an attempt to create the Baltic-Black Sea region – a sanitary zone: the three Baltic states, Belarus, Ukraine, to separate Russia from the West. But all would be fine, but we do not want to be a latrine and someone to sanitize, to be a cordon sanitaire. And we understand what this can lead to, ”Lukashenka said.

With the Russian president, he added, “we agreed that we will act in cooperation here.”

The “live chain” rally in support of the protesters in Belarus is planned to be held on 23 August. It is assumed that the “human chain” will begin at the Cathedral Square in the center of Vilnius, then the protesters will line up along the highway to Minsk to the checkpoint at the Lithuanian-Belarusian border in Medininkai.

The action of solidarity with the protesters in Belarus is supposed to be held on the day of the 31st anniversary of the Baltic Way  – a peaceful protest of the inhabitants of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

In Belarus, since August 9, protests have been held, which began after the presidential elections, in which, according to the CEC, Alexander Lukashenko won again. In the first three days of the protests, nearly 7,000 people were detained, many of whom were beaten both during detention and in isolation wards. The EU is going to impose personal sanctions against perpetrators of violence against protesters.

(C)MEDUZA 2020

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