Ex-Belarusian presidential candidate Tikhanovskaya’s HQ starts forming coordination council to ensure transition of power


The headquarters of former Belarusian presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, currently in Lithuania, has announced starting to form the Coordination Council to ensure the transition of power, Tikhanovskaya’s press service said in a statement released on Saturday.

“We’re starting to form the Coordination Council. It will be an extended working group of the most respected members of the society to discuss and develop safe and stable mechanisms to ensure the transition of power,” the statement said.

The statement also said that the HQ has started receiving applications of potential members of the council. A member of the council must enjoy “great respect of the society” and be “ready to share ideas for the changes for the better, constructively discuss proposals and respect the opinion of other members of the council,” the HQ said.

On August 14, Tikhanovskaya suggested establishing the Coordination Council to ensure the transition of power.

It emerged earlier this week that Tikhanovskaya left Belarus for Lithuania.

Mass protests against vote rigging at the presidential election have been taking place in Belarus since August 9.

On August 14, the Belarusian Central Elections Commission held a meeting on Friday to sum up the results of the presidential election. According to the approved results, Lukashenko garnered 80.1% of the vote, and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya garnered 10.12%.

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  • How can Luka still feel okay knowing 80% of belarussians voted against him? He doesn’t love belarussians, he only wants to stay in power. I’m very disappointed by him. A few weeks back i thought he changed. Seems it was just a show to gain votes, and as it looks it not only failed but backfired completely.

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  • To the Coordination Council: a free ticket one way for Lukashenko to Moscow and your work is 99% done.

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