Tikhanovskaya announced the creation of a coordinating council for the peaceful transfer of power in Belarus

The Belarusian politician also stated that she is ready for a dialogue with the authorities in order to restore the rule of law in the country.

17:26 08/14/2020 


Belarusian oppositionist and presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya announced that she was initiating the creation of a coordinating council to ensure the transfer of power. The appeal was published on the Telegram channel of the joint headquarters of the opposition candidates “Pool Pervoy” .

This decision was made taking into account what is happening in the country and the need to take urgent measures to restore the rule of law in Belarus.

According to Tikhanovskaya, the council will be able to include representatives of civil society, “respected and famous Belarusians, as well as professionals in their field.”

The collection of applications from those wishing to join the coordinating council will be carried out by Olga Kovalkova, Tikhanovskaya’s confidant and Maxim Znak, a lawyer

“I appeal to the international community, European countries with a request to help us organize a dialogue with the Belarusian authorities,” the appeal says.

She also stated that the current government should show a readiness for dialogue with the people and for this to release all detained protesters, remove OMON and troops from the streets of cities, and also initiate a criminal case against those who gave orders to beat and shoot people.

Let us remind you that earlier Svetlana Tikhanovskaya recorded a video message in which she called on the mayors of Belarusian cities to lead peaceful protests on August 15 and 16. 

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