The protesters are paid, the riot police cannot be demonized, drunks with knives and knuckle dusters take to the streets What the Belarusian authorities say about the demonstrations – all versions, as briefly as possible

The election campaign was well organized, the elections were held as a holiday. Sheep take to the streets under the influence of puppeteers from Europe. Telegram channel administrators urge people to put themselves under batons, while they themselves are sitting abroad. There are many convicted, unemployed, stoned, drunk protesters among the protesters. And in their backpacks – sharpeners, knives, screwdrivers, clubs, brass knuckles, strangleholds, hammers. They threw Molotov cocktails and paving slabs at the police officers, and fired fireworks at them. There is no need to demonize riot police, sometimes they are obliged to use special means. Protests (more precisely, focal gatherings of citizens) are presented as spontaneous, but in fact they are orchestrated. Participants were paid from 30 Belarusian rubles to 50 euros, the coordinators are already detained. The riots were organized and funded by people from the headquartersVictor Babariko . The Internet was cut off from abroad. There are no strikes at the enterprises. We are not against change, we are against revolution. Be sensible.

Sources: The website of the President of Belarus , the telegram channel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs , the telegram channel of the SK , the agency “Belt” ( 1 , 2 ), the newspaper “SB. Belarus today ”( 1 , 2 ), TV channel“ Belarus 1 ”( 1 , 2 ). ONT TV channel ( 1 , 2 ).

(C)MEDUZA 2020

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