NSDC has funds to develop missiles and aircraft – Danilov


Ukraine will primarily develop the production of missiles and aircraft.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksiy Danilov said this during a round table entitled “Technologies for asymmetric counteraction to external aggression and ways of their effective development”, which took place at Ukrinform on August 12.

“As for the development of industry, these are our missiles and aviation. Aviation has always been very powerful in the country. We urgently need to put everything in its place. These are two fundamental things – missiles and aviation,” Danilov said.

In this context, the NSDC secretary noted that the UAH 246 billion allocated for the security and defense sector this year is an unprecedented amount for all the years of independence. At the rate when we set the budget, it was USD 10 billion, Danilov specified.

“But, understanding who our enemy is, understanding the budgets of the Russian Federation, I emphasize that we will fight using our heads,” he emphasized.

As Ukrinform reported, in 2020, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have the largest defense budget in its history – UAH 245.8 billion, which is 5.45% of GDP.

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  • Excellent news! Ukraine needs a new powerful airforce and smart armed drones additionally.

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    • The Moskali are great at making things that destroy, but not so good at making things that create. Yes, Ukraine will need to use their heads and their hearts. One thing we can count on is Ukraine has their own advantage because the Putinazis don’t have hearts or they wouldn’t be in Ukraine to begin with.

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