From the FB page of Euromaidan Press

Good morning World! Good morning Ukraine!
Say hello to Stas, Dmytro and Max, three smiling Ukrainian warriors with two legs, enjoying the sun in the yard of a military hospital.
Know why? Because life goes on! And it’s not the number of legs that makes life so real and so wonderful!
Stas was injured in the Battle for Donetsk Airport in 2015. Doctors from occupied Donetsk saved his life. He returned to military service and recently began jumping again, because a paratrooper can’t do without it.
Dmytro was hospitalized for multiple wounds in 2016. He lost both legs, but this did not prevent him from climbing Mount Hoverla, parachuting, working and playing sports.
Max hit a mine in 2018. While still in hospital, he swore that he’d make Team Ukraine for the Invictus Games. In less than a year, he fulfilled this promise. He returned to military service, trains for sports competitions and is always there for his wounded comrades.
When sorrow and despair overcome you, just look at this photo!
Photo: Povernys Zhyvym Foundation (Come Back Alive)


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