Spain wants to ban smoking in public places to prevent spread of coronavirus

The ban will take effect this Thursday and will affect all of Galicia

The executive body of the autonomous region of Galicia in northern Spain is developing rules that prohibit smoking on the street and in public places, since this addiction can contribute to the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus infection. The President of the Government of Galicia Alberto Nunez Feijo stated, Lavanguardia reports.

He explained that the clinical committee under the regional executive is setting out this measure for immediate publication in the Official Gazette of Galicia, along with maintaining the restrictions for the A Coruña region with some reinforcement, which does not include this ban at this time.

“It is being developed to ensure legal security,” Feijo explained about the rule limiting tobacco consumption on the streets of Galicia.

Also, the politician noted that the decision was made on the basis of consideration by various members of the clinical committee of the Junta Galicia “high risk of infection”. According to Feijo, the ban will take effect this Thursday and will affect all of Galicia.

“I hope you don’t have to get the wooden crates again to understand that the virus is still there,” Alberto Nunez Feijo said.

The clinical committee of the Government of Galicia will study the situation in La Coruña within a week.

Note that as of August 12, 329 784 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Spain (+3172 per day). Of these, 28,579 people died and 150,376 recovered.

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  1. Smoking gets the blame for a lot of things in the world, but blaming it as a cause of spreading this bat virus is incredible. What evidence have Spain got for this claim?

  2. Idiots!
    I’ve read in a report not so long ago that people who smoke are less susceptible to the virus. So, light up a smoke!

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