Several TV presenters from state channels of Belarus announced their dismissal

Several Belarusian journalists working for state TV channels announced their resignation.

The presenters Yevgeny Perlin and Olga Bogatyrevich announced their departure from the ONT (National Television) channel.

“Nobody influenced this decision, I made it myself. I hope that the same #MayaKrainaBelarus will return soon, ” Perlin wrote on Instagram.

“We are few, but we are,” Bogatyrevich said in turn.

The host of the TV show “Good morning, Belarus!” on the TV channel “Belarus 1” Vera Karetnikova. “I wrote that soon everything will be fine. It will be so, ” she said in her account. On the eve, the presenter Sergei Kozlovich left the same channel.

How to add, has resigned leading STV Tatyana Borodkin and the staff of the First Channel of the Belarusian Radio Aleksandr Shuster and Tatiana Filipchenko.

In addition, Vladimir Burko, the host of the Arsenal military program on Belarus 1 channel, recorded a video message about his dismissal . “For five years I was secretly the media person of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus … I would never, even in my worst dream, think that the soldiers and equipment I was talking about could be used against my people,” he said.

In Belarus, since August 9, protests against the results of the presidential elections have continued, in which, according to official data, Alyaksandr Lukashenka won again. Residents of the country go to spontaneous street actions, demanding a recount of votes. Police and military forces violently disperse protesters with flashbangs and rubber bullets. In three days of protests, nearly 6,000 people were detained. Dozens of criminal cases have been initiated.

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