Tikhanovskaya’s campaign HQ offers Lukashenko to discuss “peaceful transfer of power to the people”

Her team have declared solidarity with protesters peacefully fighting for their rights.



Campaign Headquarters of Belarusian presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has called on the country’s government not to use violence against civilians, and suggested starting a dialogue on the peaceful transfer of power.

The statement was released via on the Pul Pervoi Telegram channel, the media resource used by the joint press service of campaign headquarters of the three opposition figures – Tikhanovskaya, Babariko, and Tsepkalo. “We support everyone who protests falsifications and who peacefully fights for their rights. We stand in solidarity with everyone who defends their right to a better future for themselves and their children. We are against violence, and we’re asking the authorities not to use violence against civilians.

We propose to start a dialogue on the peaceful transfer of power to the people without violence and upheaval,” the statement reads.

Where is Tikhanovskaya now On August 10, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya reported to the Belarusian Central Election Commission along with her lawyer and team members, where she was confronted by security officials. Shortly after their contact, she left the building through another exit, without her lawyer. On August 11, it was confirmed that Tikhanovskaya had fled Belarus for Lithuania.

Also on August 11, a video was published where Tikhanovskaya is seen reciting a text, prepared and written down beforehand, urging Belarusian citizens to refrain from taking to the streets in order to avoid violence. She had earlier taken her children out of the country in the wake of her husband’s arrest in late May. He has been government custody ever since.

Belarus protests: background

On August 9, Belarus held a presidential election. The Central Election Commission has released exit polls, claiming 80.23% of voters supported the incumbent Alexander Lukashenko, 9.9% – Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, 1.68% – Anna Kanopatskaya, 1.13% – Sergei Cherechnya, and 1.04% – Andrey Dmitriev. Some 6.02% voted against all candidates.

On the evening of August 9, thousands of Belarusian citizens took to the streets. Clashes with security officials ensued shortly. In Minsk, law enforcement officers fired rubber bullets at protesters. On the evening of August 10, protests resumed. Government forces in Minsk once again fired rubber bullets on protesters.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has confirmed that one of the protesters had died. Presidential candidate Tikhanovskaya refused to take helm of street protests.

According to her press secretary, the politician would not want to end up behind bars like her husband, Sergei Tikhanovsky. Tikhanovskaya announced that she considers herself the winner of the presidential elections and called on her rival, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, to negotiate.

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  • In Brest, about 10 riot policemen “purposefully rushed” at Tut.by correspondent Stanislav Korshukov and harshly detained him .

    The Belarusian telegram channel “Nekhta” has become the main source of news about the current protests – both for citizens of the country and for those who follow what is happening from other states. Over the past few days, “Nekhta” has been calling people to go to rallies, and also publishes news, videos and pictures about what is happening. In the wake of protests, the number of subscribers to the Telegram channel increased from about 300 thousand to 1 million 100 thousand.

    Today in our news podcast What Happened, we talk about Nekhta. And we are talking with the chief editor of the Telegram channel, Roman Protasevich. Here is a small snippet from the interview (the quote is slightly abbreviated):

    “Nobody knows exactly what will happen next. Nobody knows whether the Belarusian special services will use military firearms. But I can say for myself: the authorities have squeezed the spring with this ultra-violence so much that it just won’t end like that. If, indeed, the protests are suppressed – and people stop leaving, Belarus will face a very big depression, Belarus will face a huge flow of emigration. And the remaining people may well start waging such partisan wars – especially against law enforcement officers. “

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  • Video message from Veronica Tsepkalo
    “Dear Svetlana. I want to assure you that I personally and Valery Tsepkalo support you. We understand that Lukashenko lost the presidential election on August 9, 2020. And the only legitimate president in the country is you, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. “

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  • Detentions continue at Pushkinskaya . The opposition channel “Brain Belarus” writes that 20 riot policemen got off the bus and started beating two guys.

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  • Security officials broke into the Almi store on Kamennaya Gorka, pulled out the protesters who tried to hide, beat them with truncheons – “Sputnik Belarus” citing eyewitnesses.

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  • Radio Liberty : on Rokossovsky Avenue, demonstrators surrounded riot police and do not allow 4 paddy wagons to leave. There are significantly more protesters than riot police.

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  • Tut.by photographer Vadim Zamirovsky has his camera damaged . Earlier it was reported that flash drives were confiscated from him and other photographers and operators. Zamirovsky suggests that the police were instructed to beat the cameras.

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  • A series of loud explosions is heard in the Serebryanka area. According to the interlocutor of Mediazona, who lives there, the explosions were louder than from the explosion of flash-noise grenades: “he compares them to the sounds of grenades exploding from a grenade launcher.”

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  • In Minsk, security forces attacked the BBC film crew. They deliberately tried to break the camera.

    The journalists had official accreditations, all were in vests and with certificates.

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  • The “ Village Belarus” journalist also reported about “permanent powerful explosions” at Serebryanka .

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  • “Belarus of the Brain” writes that there are “incessant explosions” on Serebryanka and “stinks very strongly.” Radio Liberty clarifies that the sounds of the explosions are heard 2 kilometers away from the area.

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  • Eyewitnesses described to Euroradio what was happening on Serebryanka: “On the left, military special forces are packing people. There are grenades ahead. “Fast”. To the right and around, the crowd is shouting and blocking the cars. Barricades from iron tanks, building fences. They throw bottles at the riot police when they start packing someone. “

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  • Nexta claims that violent clashes between protesters and police took place in the town of Zhabinka today, a police car burned down.

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  • In Minsk, “powerful cannonade” and explosions are heard again – now in the Malinovka area.

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  • Uncle Luka goes the full MONTY!

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    • Excellent coverage Veth. We see now what protection Vladolf is giving to his fellow dictator. Interesting too that the official results are not given. That validates all the suspicions that Lukashenko lost the vote badly. This is the citizen’s last chance for freedom. Now that the winner has been chased from the country, the young people will leave and go to places like Ukraine and the Baltics. Then Belarus will end up even more like Mafialand.

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  • Dictators rarely realize that repression to stay in power simply stores up anger against them. When the population loses its fear of the Police, the Police often find their own weapons turned on them, and then on the dictator. You could ask Ceausescu and his wife about that. I think Lukashenko is very nearly to that point.

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