Russian State Duma accuses Lukashenko of rigging elections

Presidential elections in Belarus were accompanied by total falsification of the result, and the election committee’s statements about Lukashenko’s decisive victory with a result of 80% are doubtful, stated Konstantin Zatulin, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots.

“Lukashenko has crossed all limits. We do not want any discord and “Maidan” in Belarus, but he is insane. The problem is that the head of Belarus is a deranged person when it comes to power,”  said Zatulin  in an interview with

According to Zatulin, talking about how much Lukashenko actually scored is a divination in the coffee grounds.

“Obviously there weren’t as many votes,” he said. – Stories that 40% voted early – it’s also a swindle. The results that have been announced do not inspire confidence.”

“Someone has already said that Lukashenko won the elections but lost the country – so this is due to his extremely selfish policy, the meaning of which is to preserve the regime of personal power. As a result of these elections, Lukashenko looks like a man who imposes himself on Belarus without any understanding,” the MP continued.

According to Zatulin, the international community will side with the protesting Belarusians.

“I am very sorry that the CIS did not see the log in the eye of the Belarusian authorities and gave an optimistic comment on the elections,” he added.

According to preliminary data of the Central Election Committee, Lukashenko received 80.23% of the votes, opposition candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya received 9.9% with a turnout of 84.23%, or 5.79 million people.

Tsikhanouskaya’s headquarters refused to recognize the results of the elections and said they were ready for prolonged protests demanding a peaceful transfer of power.

“I consider myself the winner of the elections. We have the results of the alternative count, and we will prove all violations,” Tsikhanouskaya said.

The German Foreign Ministry said earlier that the results of the elections, which Lukashenko himself called a “victory,” were falsified. Poland has called for an emergency EU summit to discuss the situation in Belarus.

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  • Great article! Just swap the words Lukashenko for Putin, Belarus for Russia, and bingo!

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    • Isn’t it hilarious that the Russian Duma would make such a statement with Putin sitting in the Kremlin and just managed to extend his tenure to life?

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  • When the Russian government says there is corruption in an election you know something is seriously wrong in that election.

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  • So what are the most likely scenarios now?
    Luka carries on as if nothing has happened and the protests are crushed by brute force?
    Luka is replaced by another shitbag dictator, but this time one that is more subservient to the tiny poisoner?
    The people’s uprising succeeds, Luka runs to Russia or Turkey and putler invades and inserts a puppet?
    Or, the uprising succeeds, she returns to a rapturous reception and then pretty much caries on where the last turd left off: a bit less aggressive but essentially just another pro-putler regime?

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    • As far as Ukraine are concerned, none of the scenarios are very appealing. Poland want sanctions on Belarus, which could happen, but it would play into the hands of the Kremlin. No doubt that’s why various Russian politicians are attacking Luka, hoping for just that. If the EU do nothing, (the most likely outcome) it will just encourage Luka to be even more brutal. Maybe the EU should sanction the crap out of Belarus, forget all this BS about democracy there, and let him and Putin sort it out themselves.

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  • By calling the elections in Belarus rigged they want to make it look like the elections in RuSSia were not rigged and legitimate, as a reaction to protests in the far east.

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  • The top election faker accuses his best buddy of faking an election?
    Unfortunately, there are enough simpletons in the West who will view this farce as a legitimate complaint.
    What will the two dick-tators do next? They both have masses of people on the streets and both are starting to suck air. What will the EU do? What will Washington do?
    Things from the region remain quite interesting, no doubt.

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    • My own opinion is Vladolf will guarantee Lukashenko’s position (If he hasn’t done it already) in exchange for integration. Vladolf needs Belarus to get around sanctions and to launch his international attacks. Little Green Men are there, the GRU are there, Wagner is there, the FSB are there and there’s no border. The lady that won the vote made a damning statement demanding the transfer of power then 10 minutes after speaking with the Moskali FSB she gets carted off to Lithuania.

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  • In Lida, riot police used flash bangs and rubber bullets against protesters who were not aggressive. According to an eyewitness quoted by Mediazon, in response, people began throwing stones at police cars.

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  • Opposition telegram channels again report on law enforcement officers driving ambulances. Yesterday, too, there were such reports from eyewitnesses, and today – this is a photograph.×900

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