Paddy wagons and water cannons sent to the center of Minsk

Water cannons and paddy wagons were sent to the center of Minsk, RIA Novosti reports. Where exactly to the center, the agency does not specify.

The Telegram channel Tea with Raspberry Varennem writes that “many security officials” are going to the Pushkinskaya metro station. According  to the channel, the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus are already at Pushkinskaya.

In addition, a car is driving across Minsk to break through the barricades, as the European Radio calls it.

Several hundred people gathered on Pushkinskaya in the afternoon of August 11, who brought flowers to the place of death of a participant in the protest action that took place last night. Also, a large number of people came to the Offender Isolation Centers in different parts of the city.

Institutions and shopping centers in Minsk began to announce that they would only work until five or six in the evening because of the protests.

It was reported that riot police began to disperse people on Pushkinskaya at about 16:30, but there is no exact confirmation of this. Judging by the photographs taken after the reports about the dispersal, people remained on Pushkinskaya.

(C)MEDUZA 2020

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