Zelensky calls on Belarusian people to dialogue, maximum tolerance, indulgence, refusal from street violence

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky calls on Belarusians to tolerance, indulgence, rejection of street violence and broad dialogue to get out of the crisis situation that has emerged after the announcement of the preliminary results of the presidential elections in Belarus.

“Our neighbors Belarusians are going through difficult times now. They are trying to determine the vector of their further development. This is very difficult. It is already obvious that not everyone in the country agrees with the announced preliminary election results. As you know, any legitimacy arises solely from public trust, exclusively out of trust. Doubt on such a scale is a direct road to violence, to conflict, to public protest, which is growing. What we are seeing now, unfortunately,” Zelensky wrote on his Facebook page on Monday morning.

The president of Ukraine called on neighbors to maximize tolerance, indulgence and rejection of street violence.

“We call for the most open, albeit difficult, dialogue. Because only a broad dialogue will allow the citizens of the Republic of Belarus to get out of a difficult crisis situation and honestly discuss further steps and formats of public interaction,” he wrote.

Zelensky said that only mutual understanding between all parties can preserve the country’s independence and ensure its further movement towards freedom and democracy.

“Otherwise, the escalation of violence will grow, and this is fraught with very bitter consequences. In my opinion, now both sides should be interested in such a dialogue, both the government and the society that protests,” the head of state said.

He also said that Belarus in its actions should adhere to the maximum democratic standards generally recognized in the civilized world, as well as try to ensure their own people their rights and freedoms in full. Only in this way, in his opinion, it is possible to maintain hope for a way out of the crisis.

“Ukraine and I personally are extremely interested in Belarus being a truly independent and democratic country with a strong economy and stable social relations. Belarus is our closest neighbor, and therefore we are not at all indifferent to what is happening there and what will happen to our friends further,” Zelensky said.

(c) Interfax


  • “Ukraine and I personally are extremely interested in Belarus being a truly independent and democratic country with a strong economy and stable social relations.”

    Forget Belarus Zelensky, concentrate on making Ukraine a truly independent and democratic country. Start by removing agents of influence from Russia, defang the oligarchs, and remove all the rotten officials you appointed.

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  • Street violence is something the television clown should fear if he keeps on committing treason to Ukraine.
    Having said that, we’ve seen more than enough what dialogues with a power-hungry dick-tator has brought to Ukraine … six long years.

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