Belarus rebelled against Lukashenka. Why is Russia dangerous now?

Putin will not want to lose the opportunity to annex Belarus by force

Right now, the Russian special services are collecting information and working out operational plans to interfere in Belarusian affairs up to the provision of  peacekeeping assistance” in accordance with union agreements .

And Russia will most likely intend to provoke the carnage and blood in the same way as it provoked the carnage and blood on the Maidan.

Putin will not want to lose the opportunity to annex Belarus by force in order to prevent the creation of another pro-European state between the Russian Federation and the EU.

Russia will act aggressively to seize full control of the state.

I am worried that Ukraine is now too helpless to pursue any coordinated policy towards Belarus, which is one of our largest neighbors and the situation in it is the subject of our national security.

The President of Ukraine must gather all power structures without publicity. We urgently need to increase the number of observers of the situation from various authorities, as well as the number of journalists who are ready to objectively report on what is happening. We do not need to interfere in Belarusian politics – they will figure it out themselves. But we need to oppose Russian policy, expose the intrigues of Russian agents, try with all our might to prevent Russian provocations and the likely invasion of the Russian Federation.

What’s obvious now?

There is no rebellion headquarters – they are not needed in a modern network-centric society. Everyone can become an information hub on a social network, and each information hub can become a coordination and motivational center. Cudgels in this dimension do not work, it is not a sign of strength, but a sign of weakness.

Lukashenka is absent in social networks, where he is hopelessly losing, as Yanukovych lost here. Lukashenka is in the ranks of the police, he is on TV. But there are no his supporters on the street, there are no people on the street who watch TV, people watch social networks. Therefore, the situation is changing dramatically – it is impossible to put out the protests all over the country at once, like Yanukovych, Lukashenko pulled all his special forces to Minsk, thereby protests grow without problems in the regions.

Without a forceful scenario, it will still be impossible to change the government.

Hopefully everything will be limited to fighting and disarming the police.

I have no doubt that people who are ready to boldly go under clubs and water cannons will also boldly shed blood, and they need freedom, not the dictatorship of Putin. Ukraine should be ready to come to the rescue in the event of Russian aggression with the forces and means that we can adequately apply without harming the Ukrainian-Belarusian relations and with respect to the people of this country.

Text published with permission from the author

(c) HB


  • “Ukraine should be ready to come to the rescue in the event of Russian aggression with the forces and means that we can adequately apply without harming the Ukrainian-Belarusian relations and with respect to the people of this country.”

    Ukraine can’t even look after themselves with the clown in charge, never mind coming to the rescue of anyone.

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    • Off topic, but hopefully of interest: under Geoff Boycott’s latest DT column, someone wrote this superb comment:

      John Hatch
      9 Aug 2020 11:47PM

      “Sir Geoffrey is our leading expert on most cricket issues.
      However, the most important thing about the first Test against Pakistan is that the ECB and the players stopped supporting a Communist-front organisation – Black Lives Matter (“BLM”)
      It was astonishing and appalling that they ever had. Communists want to destroy our economy and enslave us. They have already killed 100 million people around the world.
      Moreover, the communists aren’t remotely interested in helping black people. On the contrary, they want to stir up as much trouble and ill-will as they can between black and white people. They’ve been doing this since 1945 to attack the USA with its minority descended from former slaves and the UK with its former African and Caribbean colonies.
      And more immediately, BLM have been inciting young people to join illegal street demonstrations that risk spreading Covid-19 and are a cover for violence against the police.
      What were the ECB thinking? They have now made a pathetic attempt to pretend they were only humouring the West Indies – but that did not require grovelling on one knee for the Irish ODIs OR for the first round of matches in the Bob Willis Competition played by the counties.
      I spent some time with Ehsan Mani – the Pakistan chairman – during the 1996 World Cup in Lahore. I quickly became an admirer. I cannot help suspecting that Mr. Mani’s wisdom and experience was influential in banning further support for BLM.
      I don’t know where this now leaves us – except that no-one should now trust the ECB until it is purged of cultural Marxist infiltrators who have manipulated the complacent boneheads who seem to get most things wrong.
      Personally, I am still shocked to the core that my beloved Yorkshire joined in with support for a Communist organisation; and I am not sure I can bear to go and watch them again.
      The BIG question, however, is whether the public schools will decide that cricket is no longer a game that supports their values. If that happens, and they stop playing the game, it will be the end of professional cricket in the UK.”

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    • Ukraine should condemn all ruSSian actions, send a few blankets and broken Humvees, then wish them good luck and leave the area alone…

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  • “Russia will most likely intend to provoke the carnage and blood in the same way as it provoked the carnage and blood on the Maidan.”
    A reminder that putler saw the Maidan as an absolute gift: an opportunity to expedite his 2004 threat of ‘decapitating’ Crimea from Ukraine. No doubt he sees a “Minsk Maidan” in the same light.

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    • Luka put himself in a spot. If the EU reapply the sanctions against Belarus, he can only turn one way. I have no doubt Russia will be provoking all sorts of unrest in the days to come, hoping Luka falls into the trap.

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  • Local election commision announced! Uncle Luka got only 20% of the votes.

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  • Lukashenko visited the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation on the morning of August 10 and made his first post-election statement. “There should be one policy – people, ” he said . Lukashenka has not yet commented on the elections.

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  • — Vladimir Zhirinovsky, lawmaker and far-right party leader:

    “I express solidarity with all those who were subjected to repression in Belarus […] They should be released.”

    “The voters have already withdrawn its confidence in Lukashenko. The fate of [former Ukrainian President Viktor] Yanukovych awaits Alexander Grigoryevich.”

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  • — Oleg Melnichenko, Russian senator and election observer:

    “The demonstrations were clearly provocative and don’t say anything about the unreliability [of the vote].”

    “There were no complications. The republic’s authorities worked very quickly and diligently. The Maidan [overthrow] attempt has failed.”

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    • It’s funny, last night Lukashenko monitored closely the border crossings with his neighbors. He just couldn’t imagine such protests really came from within. As with the other dictator to his east, they are both completely out of touch and disconnected from reality.

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      • It’s the dictators handbook. When the public are sick and tired of being treated like shit, and protest, blame everything on the West, and democracy. Luka already had. Saying the UK, Poland and the Czech Republic are responsible for the protests. Now we know why these dictators like Putin and Luka are so paranoid. They know they are hated, and would be decorating a lampost at the first opportunity, if the public had their way. Not that I support this woman, she’s just another Russian puppet who recognises Crimea as Russian.

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