Emine Dzheppar: Russia trying to turn Sea of Azov into ‘its own lake’

08.08.2020 14:23 – Ukrinform

Russia has militarized Crimea, increased its military presence, keeping six submarines in the Black Sea, and wants to turn the Sea of Azov into “its own lake.”

“Today, Russia wants to turn the Sea of Azov into its own lake. As far as we know, Russia now has six submarines in the Black Sea. Crimea has become Russia’s military base. All countries located around this base should be aware of Russia’s aggressive policy towards control over the region,” First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine Dzheppar said in an interview with the Demirören Turkish news agency.

In this context, Ukraine initiated the establishment of the Crimean platform, the official noted.

“I think that Turkey is one of the five countries most eager to join this platform. We plan to hold the Crimean Summit in Kyiv every year, where the leaders of the countries will be able to meet. The occupation of Crimea is not an internal issue. It concerns the countries of the Black Sea region and the Sea of Azov. Russia’s military strategy is aimed at the Middle East and North Africa. Russia views Crimea as a military base on this path,” the diplomat said.

First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine Dzheppar also reminded of successful projects of bilateral Ukraine-Turkey military cooperation, in particular, supply of communications equipment of the Aselsan Turkish company to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, modernization of Turkish armored vehicles with the help of Ukrainian active and reactive defense systems.


  • Efforts of the Black Sea countries need to be unified and the capitals need to speak with one voice. Sooner or later NATO will have to clean up this mess and it seems to me that it will be easier and better the sooner it takes place. Certainly NATO understands Putler is out of control so why are they sitting on their hands and hoping diplomacy works when there’s a 20-year track record that says it won’t?

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    • Nato is not going to do anything redders. It is run by a Marxist. Most of its members are either pro-Russia, indifferent to Ukraine, or even hostile to Ukraine.
      Only Poland, Pribaltika, Britain, Canada and the US can be considered allies of Ukraine. I see no viable alternative but the members I listed withdrawing and forming a new alliance with Ukraine and Georgia.

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  • It will be left up to the only superpower to counter this development – the US – and the few and brave leftover in Europe – Poland the Baltic countries. Forget the jellyfish lands to Poland and Ukraine’s west.
    “As far as we know, Russia now has six submarines in the Black Sea.”
    They will be of little value in the Sea of Azov unless they are toys. This body of water is only 50 ft. deep (15 meters) max.

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