Britain to use army to contain migrants came across English Channel

To solve this problem, France asks the UK to pay $ 39.12 million

Hundreds of illegal migrants arrived in the UK within a few days. In connection with this the country’s Interior Ministry appealed for help to the army, as well as to the French government to curb their flow. This is reported by Reuters.

Taking advantage of the hot weather and calm sea conditions, hundreds of people, including children and pregnant women, have crossed the dangerous 33 km sea route in overloaded rubber boats in recent days.

The UK Department of Defense has received an official request from the Home Office to send military forces to assist border guards in operations in the Strait of Dover.

UK Immigration Secretary Chris Philp tried to put pressure on France ahead of meeting with his French counterpart in Paris next week.

“The French must first stop these illegal migrants from getting to the water,” Philp said in an article in the Daily Telegraph.

He added that the UK will seek to return to France those who entered the country through the English Channel.

The French Interior Ministry said control teams on the north coast are intercepting migrants daily, and additional resources have been mobilized for this. To address this issue, France will ask the UK to pay £ 30 million ($ 39.12 million) to police on the English Channel, according to the Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

London has not yet decided whether to meet this demand.

As reported, on Thursday over 200 migrants arrived to the coast of Great Britain through the English Channel, and on Friday – about 130 people, and on Saturday the flow of illegal immigrants increased.

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  • Fuck the French. Use the navy not the army. Sinking a few of these boats will soon get the message across.

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  • Despite having a centre right govt in power in Britain, the ‘progressives’ still have an iron grip on the judiciary and social services. Against the wishes of the people, illegal immigrants are breaking their way into Britain by sea, with the help of trafficking gangsters, the conniving French and the British govt, which is terrified of appearing to be ‘waycist’.
The truth is these people are young men from shithole countries who want a better life at someone else’s expense. Once established in Britain, they will bring in their extended families, all of whom will become lifetime clients of the socialist welfare state and guaranteed left voters.
    There has grown up a huge industry of well-paid professional liars to a) get these people into Britain unhindered, b) provide them unlimited legal aid, c) spread disinformation about their refugee status, when they are in fact hostiles from primitive cultures who simply want a better life at someone else’s expense and d) spend £billons of taxpayers’ money on people who should not be in Britain in the first place.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Britain has made a good choice to leave the diseased EU. It is now free to make politics for its own people and use the money that it once used to feed the insatiable EU sow with for its own purposes.
    And then comes the frog eaters and their herd of third-world slobs.
    “To address this issue, France will ask the UK to pay £ 30 million ($ 39.12 million) to police on the English Channel, according to the Sunday Telegraph newspaper.”
    A much more cost-effective measure is to sink anything containing illegal aliens. Word will spread like wildfire and then there will be peace.
    But, I seriously doubt that this will happen. Not yet. We will see how the future will look like. With countless economies sucking air and money running out – even for Germanystan – the willingness of the indigenous people to accept yet more parasites and criminals into their society will wane. Then, sinking boats is a must if it means to help keep society from disintegrating. And more. There will come a time when most immigrants will have to be removed from the country (and other European countries too) when the shitholes start stinking too much.
    I know, harsh words, but the future looks bleak. It’ll mean do or die.

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  • They are not seeking asylum. They are invaders and must be treated as such. France needs to step up and prevent invaders form getting into France. They have the abulity to do it, and if they won’t, then take the “refugees” back over the channel and dump them on the beach.

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