Border Service Bans Russian Singer Glukoza From Entering Ukraine For 3 Years


The State Border Guard Service has banned Russian singer Glukoza (Natalya Ionova) from entering Ukraine for 3 years.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement of the State Border Guard Service.

It is noted that the Russian woman arrived in Ukraine on a flight from Minsk.

During the registration, the border guards of the Kyiv Separate Checkpoint found out that she had violated Ukrainian law by visiting the Crimean peninsula occupied by her country.

“The citizen herself turned out to be a Russian singer, who performs under the pseudonym Glukoza, and repeatedly went to Crimea to concerts and parties. In the course of communication, the foreign woman was constantly confused in her answers, in particular, at the beginning she noted that for the last time she was in Crimea only in 2013,” the statement reads.

A citizen of Russia planned to get to Ukraine for personal purposes.

For violation of the requirements of the Law on Ensuring the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens and the Legal Regime in the Temporarily Occupied Territory of Ukraine the singer was banned from entering Ukraine for 3 years.

With the appropriate stamp in the document, she flew back to Belarus.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the State Border Guard Service previously banned Russian actor Anton Pampushny from entering Ukraine for 3 years.

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