Russia to cut spending on annexed Crimea

The costs will be reduced in the next two years. REUTERS


Russia wants to cut spending on annexed Crimea by 8.5 billion rubles, or US$116 million, next year, to 76.1 billion rubles, or US$1.04 billion. This is reported by the Russian media, referring to a decision by Russia’s Finance Ministry. Financing in 2022 will be reduced by 9.1 billion rubles, or US$124.3 million, to 82.3 billion rubles, or US$1.124 billion, the document said.

Also, the Russians will cut funding under state programs for the development of the Far Eastern and North Caucasian regions and the Arctic zone by 11.1 billion rubles (US$151.6 million), 5.4 billion rubles (US$73.7 million), and 10.9 million rubles (US$148.8 million), respectively.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Russia annually spends about US$5 billion a year on the war in Donbas. In addition to military spending, Russia also pays salaries to the so-called state employees in the temporarily occupied territories.

(C)UNIAN 2020

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