MEP Gill on authorities’ attack on 112 Ukraine: It is not only illegal, but also immoral

President Zelensky uses government regulators to illegally seize corporate rights, according to the MEP

The fact that President Zelensky uses government regulators to illegally seize corporate rights is unacceptable. It is impossible to imagine that something similar happens in the West or in the USA. The MEP in 2014-2020 Nathan Gill commented on the attempt of raider seizure of 112 Ukraine TV channel.

“This is undemocratic. The Security Service of Ukraine is trying to take the TV channel from its rightful owner. And Volodymyr Zelensky approves of this. These are unacceptable political actions of the current government against the legally elected MPs who are now in opposition. Where was Zelensky during the attacks on journalists? The building of the TV channel was shelled from a grenade launcher, and where is the incumbent president’s reaction to this attack? Now he finds time to try to close the channel and take it away from the owner. As a member of the International Editorial Board of 112 Ukraine TV channel, I am shocked by this situation and I still consider it not only illegal but also immoral. This is an attack on the TV channel, which provides balanced and fair coverage of events not only in Ukraine but also abroad,” the MEP stressed.

He expressed gratitude to the Ukrainian judges for a fair decision, who correctly rejected the lawsuit of the SBU. But, according to the MEP, this is only the beginning of the struggle, because the unjust war of the National TV Council against the TV channel has been going on for a long time.

“For the last 2 years, I have been closely following political events in Ukraine. I am concerned about the situation with freedom of speech. And during this period it has not improved. The illegal actions of the authorities against 112 Ukraine TV channel and its owner prove this. I expected that with the change of president, journalists will have the opportunity to work freely and report on information in a balanced manner. But Zelenskiy continues what Poroshenko was doing. He is trying to close the opposition TV channels,” Gill said.

“I am a member of the International Editorial Board of the 112 Ukraine TV channel. I personally met with the owner of the TV channel Taras Kozak in the European Parliament. And I want to note that he is trying to defend the rights of his TV company and understands that information must be presented in a balanced manner. The owner of the TV channel strives to adhere to such standards as in the Western media. And I can confirm that you, the editorial staff of the TV channel, succeed in it,” the politician summed up.

As it was reported, on August 6, Shevchenkivsky District Court of Kyiv refused the motion of Security Service of Ukraine and the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to seize the property and corporate rights of 112 Ukraine TV channel.

The channel considers such a demand by the authorities an attempt at a raider takeover by the SBU upon the order of President Zelensky.

The channel also believes that the attempt to take away 112 Ukraine is President Zelensky’s pressure on the opposition MP Taras Kozak.

(c) 112


  • Someone forgot to tell 112, that Gill is not an MEP. He is an ex MEP. The UK have had no MEP’s since January this year. All Gill is, is a failed UKIP politician, who came fourth in his local elections in 2019. He is also a Putin asslicker, and Ukraine hater.

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    • It is also immoral for a foreign country to own the majority of the media in Ukraine. Obviously this nazi supports the destruction of Ukraine and anyone that puts his mug on Ukrainian TV should receive grenades, lots of them.

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      • Ukraine are at war, and any propaganda should be treated as such. The Opposition bloc should all be arrested. 112, Zik, and any other pro Kremlin trash needs closing down too. If the jellyfish start whining. Just say, OK, we will let Russia take over Ukraine, and have them park their weapons on EU borders.

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  • англійський масон

    No idea whatsoever who this wankstain is, but thank God shitfucks like this are out of a job now.

    I sincerely wanted to stay in the EU, but I have flushed better down the crapper.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    “Due to persistent abuse, 112 Ukraine is on the Wikipedia spam blacklist, and links must be whitelisted before they can be used. 112 Ukraine was deprecated in the 2019 RfC, which showed overwhelming consensus that the TV channel is generally unreliable and sometimes broadcasts conspiracy theories and Russian propaganda, owing to it being bought out in December 2018 by Ukrainian parliament member Taras Kozak, who represents the Opposition Bloc political party. The use of 112 Ukraine as a reference should be generally prohibited, especially when other more reliable sources exist. 112 Ukraine should not be used for determining notability, or used as a secondary source in articles.” (Wiki)

    “Very famously, Nigel Farage of UKIP was once described by Russia Today (RT) as their favourite British politician.” (EUToday)

    Enuff said…

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