Lukashenko on extradition of ‘Wagner members’ to Ukraine: no one extradites anyone until asking country to first establish guilt

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko says that in order to extradite the fighters of the Russian private military campaign “Wagner” detained in Belarus to Ukraine, the Ukrainian side must prove their guilt.

“I have never had such a question to and I think it never will,” Lukashenko said in an interview published Thursday, August 6 on the YouTube channel “Visiting Gordon,” when answering the question whether he will transfer the detained fighters to Ukraine at the request of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“We have an international agreement with Russia and Ukraine. The bottom line is that the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General of Belarus, Russia, the law enforcement systems are in contact, they are working – I just told Zelensky about this, I’ll take an interest, I promised him that I’ll take an interest – they are working to ensure that there is a clear picture: no one will extradite anyone until the country that is asking, proves the guilt of these people, that this one killed someone, that they shot him, and so on,” Lukashenko said.

(c) Interfax

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  • Since when has Luka ever worried about proving guilt? All the opposition to this dictator, suddenly found themselves tossed in prison a few days before the election.

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