Thoughts on Our Next Campaign Day

Thank you for your hard work and dedication Glasnost Gone, to the innocent people in Ukraine, slava Ukraini~~!! Reposted on Ukraine Today .org

Glasnost Gone

On July 30th we had a remarkably positive response to our #CrimeaIsUkraine Campaign Day. All the more remarkable as I only called it a week earlier. On August 2nd, Google showed an epic 185,000 hashtag results, this up from July 30th when the total stood at a modest 38,400. This means on July 30th & following two days, at least 146,600 #CrimeaIsUkraine posts were made.

Donations always WELCOME and certainly always needed.
If you’d like to kindly make a donation to keep me reporting & campaigning I would be truly grateful. Almost into my 7th year of campaigning and I’m still here fighting the good fight. You can donate via PayPal using this link or if you have a PayPal account you can use my email to send a donation –
Thank you.

Understandably some people will say so what?
A hashtag wont stop Russia occupying Crimea. This criticism…

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