Russian-backed militants in Donbass receive increased arms supplies – ex-OSCE SMM adviser

Russian-backed militants in the Donbass receive new, increased supplies of weapons and ammunition from Russia. This was stated by ex-adviser to the OSCE SMM Mikhail Botsyurkiv on the air of the DIM TV channel.

He noted that the number of personnel is also increasing. Botsyurkiv expressed the opinion that the international community needs to change the methods of influencing Putin, since “the sanctions are not so effective”.

“In my opinion, it is time for the international community to influence Vladimir Putin: put pressure on him and force the militants he supports to lay down their arms and observe the ceasefire. If I am not mistaken, the sanctions are not so effective – some more measures need to be taken here. I cannot offer a ready-made solution to this problem, but it is obvious that we need to find a way to motivate Putin to maintain the truce. You see, now is the time when the White House is distracted by its problems – the White House now has enough worries of its own, so it seems to me that Trump is simply not interested in Ukraine’s problems”, – he noted.

Botsyurkiv added that Trump “does not like Ukraine at all”.

“And it seems to me that he does not have the fortitude to influence Putin”, – Mikhail Botsyurkiv said.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Nothing to fear, my Ukrainian friends. Along with war supplies, there is an ample shipment of vodka. The net effect is less effective fire from the drunken thugs.

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  • Just a little background on this guy that thinks Trump, “does not like Ukraine at all.”

    Writer, analyst and speaker who is a frequent commentator on Ukraine and humanitarian issues on CNN,, BBC and other major news outlets. A two-time TEDx speaker, he also writes a blog for the Huffington Post. Michael is the former spokesperson for the OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine and has worked many emergencies around the world for UNICEF. A journalist by training he has worked for the South China Morning Post (HK) and has been published in the Los Angeles Time, and Forbes.

    CNN, Huffington Post, MSNBC, South China Morning Post…..really?

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    • It means he’s probably a liberal. But then so is the great Brian Whitmore! In fact Brian writes for the Huffpo, or is at least a follower, as his FB page shows. He probably thinks Trump ‘does not like Ukraine at all’, because it’s true, from his own, oft-repeated words on the topic.
      As an Englishman, I fervently hope trump wins in November. I certainly don’t want Joe ‘IRA’ Biden anywhere near Britain and the key free trade negotiations.
      But from a Ukrainian perspective it is now clear that Biden has abandoned his old boss’s ‘do nothing’ strategy and is ready to step up.

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      • If Trump doesn’t like Ukraine at all, why does he help Ukraine? You buy in to words too much friend, in politics, words are just like the wind, it comes and goes east to west and west to east and in the end it means nothing. Actions, on the other hand, mean everything in politics. I SEE the javelins, I SEE the new ships coming, I SEE the dynamic cooperation between my countries, I SEE the money, training, sanctions and legislation.
        I know Trump wishes Europe would take the reins on Ukraine instead of the US. That’s ignorant in my book. I know he thought (along with WAY too many others) that language determines citizenship, which is pure kremprop. I know Trump thinks Ukraine tried to help Hillary, and if we’re honest we may remember Hillary was supposed to win and perhaps Ukraine wanted to be on the winning team during a time of crisis.
        As for Biden, after 3 years in charge of Ukrainian affairs, what did he actually do for Ukraine besides help the oligarchs, take Ukrainian money and give rosy speeches?

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        • He hates Ukraine. He said so to John Bolton, whom I find highly credible because the words attributed to him by Bolton are almost identical to the words reported by Kurt Volker at an earlier time at different meetings.
          Would someone who believes that putler is a ‘terrific guy’ love Ukraine? Would someone who only just recently lobbied for the return of Russia to G7 be a Ukraine fan?
          The clincher about Bolton is Michael Savage (a Russian btw) who devoted 20 minutes to a rant about Bolton’s book. The Savage-Trump axis was still strong at that time and he was clearly responding to orders. Bolton was a ‘mook, a schmendryk, a liar, a rat’ etc etc.
          Re Biden, he has already indicated a complete change from the Obama do nothing strategy.

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          • We are just different people Scradge, you believe in words and I believe in actions. I also believe in fairness and I am trying very hard to keep things fair but I’m outnumbered. So be it.

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            • I am very fair redders. I can only give you the overwhelming evidence that proves beyond any shadow of a doubt. If there was any to the contrary I’d give it. He has been friends for 40 years with Ukraine’s greatest enemy except the rodent himself and even hired him to run his campaign.
              He still chooses to be advised on Russia and Ukraine by people who hate Ukraine and love putler. Any Republican who stands up for Ukraine becomes the target of an unhinged hate campaign by trump, which is then quickly latched onto by his supporters on the ground and in the media.
              Luckily for us British, he likes Britain and the Queen and is likely to agree to a symbiotic trade agreement.
              Joe ‘IRA’ Biden will try to wreck it while he pursues friendships with shit people like Merkel, Macron and Sinn Fein/IRA.
              I’ve got no problem with the guy other than that one horrifying quirk : his hatred of Ukraine and groveling to the worst dictator since hitler.


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