The Cabinet of Ministers has supported a resolution on Ukraine’s withdrawal from the agreement on cooperation between the border troops of the CIS participating states in research activities.

A respective decision was made at a government meeting on Wednesday, August 5, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

The explanatory note to the document states that the agreement was concluded for the purpose of cooperation between border troops in research activities on the principles of equality, direct relations and mutual benefit.

It notes that this goal was not achieved because Ukraine did not accede to a number of constituent documents in the field of border cooperation in the CIS and participated in the work of the CIS Council of Border Troops’ Commanders only as an observer. Ukraine was also not involved in developing, adopting and implementing the decisions adopted by the Council.

“Given the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, which is a party to the agreement, it is expedient for Ukraine to withdraw from the agreement,” the document reads.

It specifies that Ukraine’s withdrawal from the agreement must be done in the form of a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The resolution instructs the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to inform the CIS Executive Committee, as the depository of this agreement, about Ukraine’s withdrawal from the agreement on cooperation of border troops in research activities.

According to the explanatory note, the implementation of this document is to have a positive impact on the interests of the state, as it will terminate Ukraine’s commitment to possible cooperation in research and the implementation of technical means to protect the border with Russia, which is a party to the agreement. It will also help develop cooperation in this area within bilateral agreements with other states, which will further contribute to ensuring Ukraine’s key interests in the field of national security.



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