No demand of special status for Donbas in Minsk agreements, – Kravchuk

Source : 112 Ukraine 08:03, 5 August 2020

At that, Russia tries to prove there actually is such a provision.

Russia is trying to prove that the demand of a special status of governance in Donbas is stipulated in the text of Minsk agreements. Actually, it’s not true, says Leonid Kravchuk, Ukraine’s first president and the head of its delegation in Minsk talks group. Interfax-Ukraine quoted him as saying.

“And we’ve got to prove it. We have to sit down and read it together, and make conclusions”, he said.

The official is convinced that one should not be doubting the content of Minsk agreements. However, over the last five years, it became obvious that some provisions of the document do not work, or work with contradictions, or interpreted in different ways.

“So one has to bring them (provisions) to such system of opinions and actions, which every sides agree on, so as to end the war in Donbas”, Kravchuk concluded. 

Earlier, Vitold Fokin, the first Prime Minister of independent Ukraine accepted the offer to work in Minsk trilateral contact group that seeks to end Donbas conflict.

Fokin claimed that the decison to join the group was a crucial one for him.

“There are many reasons. Everyone has a smartphone these days, and networks are full of posts about me and Leonid Kravchuk being appointed to this group. Some people go for insults, mocking our age, et cetera. But I surely decided to agree, and it’s an honor for me to help my Motherland in the end of my life. For me, Motherland is Ukraine and Donbas, which I truly love. It was, is and will be Ukrainian”, Fokin said.


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