Demand for used cars in Ukraine grows by 43% in July – Ukrautoprom


The Ukrainian market for used passenger cars grew by 43% in July 2020 year-on-year, to 34,300 cars, the Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association (Ukrautoprom) has reported.

According to the report, 34,300 used cars imported from abroad passed their first registration in Ukraine in July 2020, which is 43% more than in July 2019 and 17% more than in June 2020. The number of new cars registered in Ukraine in July 2020 was 8,400. As a result, used cars cleared through customs covered more than 80% of the primary car market.

The most popular brand in this segment of the automotive market is Volkswagen. In the reporting month, 5,600 cars of this German brand were registered in Ukraine.

In second place is Ford, with 3,400 used cars registered last month.

Skoda became the third most popular brand, with 2,800 cars registered in July 2020.

Some 173,600 used cars have been registered in Ukraine since the beginning of the year, which is almost four times more than the number of new cars sold in the country over the same period.

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